Working Class Issues

CITU Calls for United Strike Action Against BJP-led Govt’s Policies

THE meeting of the secretariat of the CITU held on March 23-24, 2015 at New Delhi, unanimously adopted a resolution calling upon the working people to prepare for countrywide united strike to decisively resist the brazenly anti-people and anti-national onslaught of the corporate-servile BJP led government on the national economy, the natural resources and life and livelihood of the common people, much to the detriment of national interests.


BSNL Workers on Two Days strike on April 21-22

THE casual and contract workers engaged in the BSNL, numbering around one lakh, will go on a two days strike on April 21-22, 2015, demanding the government action for the revival of BSNL and also demanding regularisation of casual contract workers and implementation of minimum wage, social security measures like the EPF, ESI, gratuity etc. These workers are being brutally exploited and the labour laws of the country are not at all implemented for them.

The regular employees are also going on strike demanding revival of BSNL on the same days.

CITU Unions Capture Majority Seats in Powergrid Committee

THE nationwide secret ballot to identify majority unions in Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) for representation in the Powergrid National Bipartite Committee (PNBC) was held on March 16. PNBC is the national forum in PGCIL where negotiations for long-term settlements on all issues concerning wages and service conditions take place and work-related issues are discussed and settled. It is a regular standing forum.


Draft Transport Bill Clears Road for Privatisation

THE draft Road Transport and Safety Bill, 2014 has been formulated and put in the public domain without assessing the ground realities prevailing in the country. It is claimed that the vision of the Bill is to provide a framework for “safer, faster, and cost effective movements of passengers and freight in the country”. Statements from the ministry also suggest that the Bill incorporates the best evidence-based international safety policies.

CWFI Conference Concludes with Massive Rally of Workers

KOZHIKODE, a city which marked many upsurge of people in the history, witnessed another massive rally of workers at the culmination of All India conference of the Construction Workers Federation of India (CWFI). Lakhs and lakhs of workers including women from the construction field pledged through their slogans in the huge rally to fight against the anti-labour policies of the incumbent government.


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