Working Class Issues

CITU Holds Massive Rally of Unorganised Sector Workers in Mumbai

MORE than 16,000 workers from four sectors – construction, powerloom, beedi and domestic work – poured into Azad Maidan to attend the statewide rally of unorganised sector workers called by CITU on March 16. The always precarious condition of these unorganised sector workers has deteriorated even further under the policies of the BJP led governments at the centre and in the state.

TUs Call for Protest Action in Maharashtra

THE Trade Unions Joint Action Committee (TUJAC) has given a call for state wide protest actions in Maharashtra against the anti-labour policies of state and central governments. This call was given in a convention organised by trade unions on February 24 in Gopal Shetty Hall at Lower Parel in Mumbai. Representatives from major central trade union organisations and federations took part in the convention. A resolution passed in the convention has registered strong protest against the decision of the Maharashtra and central governments to make retrograde amendments in the labour laws.

Govt Must Take Over Peerless to Protect Interests of Employees, Depositors

THE Peerless General Finance and Investment Company Ltd, a renowned and reputed savings company, had been running its business under the directions of RBI. But its business was stopped by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from 1ST April, 2011. Lakhs of depositors, who had received their maturity claims promptly from the company and reinvested in it, were unable to continue their transactions with the company and this led them to unscrupulous chit fund firms like Saradha that duped lakhs of depositors and looted public money.


Delhi’s Municipal Woes: A Sign of Things to Come

MUCH to the shock of residents of Delhi, and also for concerned people across the country, municipal sanitation workers have again gone on strike in the national capital just months after they had carried out a 10-day strike in June last year. Even more surprising was the fact that the issues are the same – non-payment of wages. Like last year, garbage is piling up in the streets, allegations and counter allegations are flying fast and thick, the courts are involved and angry gheraos, dharnas and demonstrations are visible everywhere.


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