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Keep the Momentum Alive, says CITU Secretariat


THE full secretariat of the CITU met in New Delhi on September 23- 24,  to have a preliminary review of the countrywide general strike on September 2, 2015 and formulate future tasks to carry the movement forward. 31 out of the total 35 secretariat members from all over the country attended the meeting. The initial assessment of the central trade unions that the strike was massive and unprecedented was endorsed by the full secretariat of the CITU. It also affirmed that the withdrawal of BMS had no impact on the strike.



WFTU Celebrates Seventy Years of Foundation

FOUNDED on October 3, 1945 at the Paris Congress, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) is celebrating the glorious 70 years of its foundation. The setting up of the World Federation of Trade Unions was a major victory of the champions of proletarian internationalism and the unity of the international workers’ movement. Right from its very foundation, the new World Trade Union Organisation has been characteristically different from those which had previously existed.

CITU: Continue Campaign on 12 Point Demands & Intensify Struggle

THE meeting of the CITU secretariat held on September 23-24, 2015 at B T Ranadive Bhawan, New Delhi commenced with a note of congratulation to the working class of the country for their mighty response to the call for countrywide general strike on September 2, 2015 given jointly by all the central trade unions of the country against the grievous fallouts of the anti-worker, anti-people policies of the government of India and also of most of the state governments on the life and livelihood of workers, peasants, agricultural workers and people from all walks of life.

Munnar Tea Plantations Strike:Some Facts

THE strike by the workers of Kanan Devan Hills Plantations (Tatas) in Munnar has sparked heated discussions. Vested interests widely propagated that the strike was against trade unions. A few monopoly media, as usual, has used this opportunity to castigate the Left politics and Left-affiliated trade unions. Media oraginsations that usually ignore and mock at workers’ agitations were enthusiastic to describe even minute details of the Munnar strike. This is neither due to their love for the working class nor sentiments against the capitalist exploitation of the workers.

CITU Condemns Brutal Police Lathicharge on ASHA Workers

The following is the press statement issued by the Centre for Indian Trade Unions on September 23.

THE CITU secretariat meeting being held on September 23-24 in New Delhi condemns the severe lathicharge on ASHAs at  Nalgonda, Adilabad  and Mahboobnagar collectorates of Telangana state on September 23. The state government has been insensitive to the problems of all categories of workers for the last 15 months.  Except for tall promises, nothing tangible has so far been given to workers in the state.

Capitalist Crisis, Right to Strike, and Teachings of Lenin

RIGHTS achieved by the working class all over the world are the result of bitter class struggles and sacrifices and not as mercy from any quarter. And this is equally true both for industrial and public services workers. In fact, trade union movement and right to strike are synonymous. It can be said that right to strike is the birthright of workers. The working class cannot forego right to collective bargaining including right to strike, whatever may be the circumstances.

On September 2 Strike Need for Strengthening Unity

THE working class of the country observed countrywide general strike on September 2, 2015. The strike was called by all the eleven central trade unions. Twelve major demands of the workers as well as other sections of the toiling people were raised by the trade unions. BMS, the trade union wing of the RSS was part of the national convention of central trade unions held in May 2015 from which the strike call was given.


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