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March for Education: Save India, Save the Constitution, and Save Education-II

THE war between Ukraine and Russia showed the state of education in the country. About 25 thousand Indian students went to study medical science in Ukraine, because there are not enough opportunities to study medicine in the country. Meanwhile, the ratio of doctors to the population is very low in India. There are not enough medical colleges even. Those who went to study in Ukraine, Russia, or Eastern Europe are not those who belong to rich families, but mostly from middle-class families.

March for Education: March to save India, save its Constitution and Education - 1

THE little soul only wanted water. And for that crime, a 9-year-old child of Rajasthan, Indra Kumar Meghwal, was the victim of the anger of the upper castes. In a school  run by the RSS, the Saraswati Vidyamandir. Dalit children getting murdered in RSS-run schools, that is the objective reality of education and social and economic justice in India, at the eve of 75 years of independence.

SFI-DYFI hit the streets against unemployment and National Education Policy

IN this era of  'Achche Din', our country is witnessing an unprecedented rate of unemployment. Lakhs of government posts are vacant, and many of them are already abolished. The union government is systematically selling the PSUs, resulting in a permanent withdrawal of the government from the responsibility of providing jobs to the unemployed youths.  'Make in India' has completely failed to generate jobs.

The Indomitable Flag of Independence Democracy and Socialism

Ever since the onset of this government there has been a conscious attempt to destroy public funded universities and shift towards a privatised environment in the academic space. In order to achieve so, the government has resorted to cuts in funding by cuts in budgetary allocation in higher education. This has led to cuts in financial aid to public universities as well as decrease in the number of fellowships, followed by seat-cuts and all in turn concluded into added financial burden on students pursuing higher education.

Award to Jio Institute is Surprising: SFI

In a statement issued on July 10, the Students Federation of India (SFI) central executive committee expressed surprise at the ministry of human resources decision to award Institute of Eminence to Jio Institute which has not even come into existence. The Jio institute which will be run by the Reliance Foundation is not an existing but will be operational only after 3 years. Such an award to a non-existing institution while all the public universities and institutions are rejected shows the attitude of the current government which target to dismantle the public education top down. 

Brutal Police Violence on Protesting Students of JNU!

THE brutal atrocities unleashed by Delhi police on JNU students who were peacefully marching towards Parliament Street on March 23, is a common knowledge now. This is despite the peaceful nature of the march. Despite the presence of more than 2000 students, JNU students taking cue from Kisan long march in Maharashtra, was careful to not disturb commuters and traffic. Throughout the march, students walked along the side of the road, allowing for the free flow of traffic.

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