Celebrate October Revolution Centenary 2016-17

THE 21st Congress of the Party had adopted a resolution directing the Party to conduct a year-long observance of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The Central Committee has decided to observe the centenary as follows:

1.                     The centenary celebrations must start from November 7 this year. 

·                     People’s Democracy/Loklahar and all Party papers should bring out special features/supplements.

·                     On November 7, 2016, in all state capitals, meetings to commemorate October revolution must be held.

2.                     A small booklet to be prepared by the Party Centre to popularise the message of the October Revolution and its relevance today.  Subsequently, a series of booklets to be brought out.

3.                    Holding of seminars on the significance of October Revolution for the 21st century; and socialism in Indian conditions. These seminars can be held with preparations in the year 2017 in different centres. State committees should plan these seminars and involve other Left and prominent personalities.

4.                    Holding a seminar with all Communist and Left parties of South Asia with an appropriate theme such as “Against imperialism, towards socialism”.

5.                    State committees should organise various cultural and popular science activities involving other progressive groups. Film festivals, drama festivals, popular science fairs to highlight the multifaceted advances that socialism has contributed to.

6.                    The centenary celebrations should culminate on November 7, 2017. In the week leading up to November 7, festivals must be organised with cultural programmes, audio/visual shows and political events such as seminars, hall meetings and public meetings.

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