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Socialism and Emancipation of Labour

MARX’S unique concept of ‘mode of production’ implies production not in the narrow technological sense but a comprehensive unity of concrete relations between humans and nature captured by means of production and that between human beings themselves who consciously participate in the social processes of production defining production relations.

Is the Rupee Fall Over?

THE mounting pressure on rupee-dollar exchange rate is not going to ease out in the near future. In April 2021 one dollar was exchanged against 74.47 rupees which has touched 80.23 in September 2022 and exchange rate further fell to 83.2 per dollar on October 20, 2022.

Class Contestations on ‘Freebies’

IT has been almost an untold convention held by the pink papers and mainstream media that an expenditure from government exchequer that flows to the poor directly or indirectly are to be termed as ‘populist’ in political discourse and recently as ‘freebies’ in the context of ‘economic prudence’. A mirror image, in the lens of class, is the huge applaud the same media shower on policies that propose tax cuts or subsidies to capitalists.


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