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Gig Work: Techno-normative Control and Rising Precarity

GIG work has emerged as a significant mode of employment within the platform economy. Technology platforms allow a new work form where people can join the labour market by simply accessing an application that happens to be the site where consumers, employers and workers virtually meet. Platform-based work encompasses different modes of crowd work where individual service providers can meet their clients through the internet and sell services as required.

World Inequality Report: Class Divide Explains More than Regional Divisions

WORLD Inequality Report 2022 underlines the sharp divide between the rich and the poor that occurred as a result of neoliberal policies pursued by global capital using the hegemonic and asymmetric architecture of global institutions. The report clearly shows how the class divide has become relatively more important than the regional divide in determining global inequality.

Consumer Sentiments Index: Recovery is not Automatic

THE bi-monthly results released by the Reserve Bank of India of its Consumer Confidence Survey provides some indication of consumers’ perceptions on the current state of the economy as well as of future expectations. The latest round released on 8, December 2021, is based on the survey conducted during the period October 25 to November 3, 2021, covering 5310 households across 13 major states. The survey results provide two summary indicators namely, the current situation index (CSI) and future expectation index (FEI).

Worrying Trends in Post-Pandemic Employment

SOME of the worrying features of recent employment trends raise doubts about the discourse of post pandemic robust recovery advocated by the government and the political establishment. It is not at all surprising that the economy faced severe contraction during the pandemic and as situations ease off, the economy once again records positive growth in different sectors. In most of the sectors however as the first quarterly estimates suggest, the economy is still short of recovering the pre-pandemic levels of output or value addition.


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