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Pandemic and Pandemonium in Imperial Navy

THE American image has nosedived. President Donald Trump’s shoddy and tardy handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the hollowness of the so-called American dream and the neoliberal capitalist order. The images of America’s rotten privatised healthcare system is clearly pointing to the fact that America is both morally and materially incapable of leading the world out of the current health crisis.

From a Formal to an Informal US-empire in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN’S seven-day “reduction in violence” plan negotiated by the US and the Taliban commenced on February 21. Subsequently, the two erstwhile warring parties signed a deal to bring peace to Afghanistan on February 28. America promised phased withdrawal of its military forces from Afghanistan. It is hoped that this will mark the beginning of end of the American involvement in nearly two-decade-old Afghan war which began after the September 11 attacks.

Another Devious Deal for Middle East

IN the midst of the ongoing impeachment trial of president Donald Trump and on the day Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was indicted on charges of bribery and fraud, the two maverick conservatives got together at the White House to announce the controversial new Middle East Peace Initiative, touting it as a mother of all plans to end one of the longest running disputes in the Middle East.

Rainy Days! Auctioning Assets to Meet Defence Needs

SIX years back, Prime Minister Modi embarked on selling the "great power” dream to the Indian masses. In 2014, Modi announced his intention to make India a “leading power” in the international order. He assumed that the country was in a perfect position to manage global affairs to serve national interests. Many RSS sympathisers are convinced that the removal of Article 370 from J&K was undertaken at an appropriate time because Modi’s charisma has tilted the current global opinion in India’s favour.

Stop Using Wars for Domestic Political Ends

THE conflict in the mountains of Kargil sector in 1999, resulting from Pakistani infiltration, lasted around three months. India won. But the victory cost us 527 lives of young officers and men who fought gallantly to defend our territorial integrity.

After 20 years, the government is celebrating the victory in 'Operation Vijay', but it is hardly deliberating on the lessons that we need to draw from the conflict, which represented our failure on three fronts, intelligence and generalship.

Technology and the Decay of Liberalism

LIBERALISM is on the decline. The right-wing monster has re-emerged. The global response to the migrant crisis, and the speed at which racism and communalism is gaining legitimacy are clear symptoms of the decay of liberalism.

The truth is that the dictatorship of the oligarchs is back with a vengeance, legitimising racism, communalism, censorship and the surveillance state. Everything that the liberals found wrong with communism has come back to haunt them.


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