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CDS, a Tri-Service Titular head

IT is well understood that the current ruling dispensation in New Delhi promises a lot, but delivers little. Driven by the single point agenda to grab headlines, the government rarely puts in the hard work to work out the details for implementing the policies.  First with the OROP (one rank one pension) and now on the promise of creating a credible-the chief of defence staff (CDS) post, the Modi government has once again shortchanged the armed forces.

Rainy Days! Auctioning Assets to Meet Defence Needs

SIX years back, Prime Minister Modi embarked on selling the "great power” dream to the Indian masses. In 2014, Modi announced his intention to make India a “leading power” in the international order. He assumed that the country was in a perfect position to manage global affairs to serve national interests. Many RSS sympathisers are convinced that the removal of Article 370 from J&K was undertaken at an appropriate time because Modi’s charisma has tilted the current global opinion in India’s favour.

Will India be Able to Avoid a Military Quad?

THE Quadrilateral Strategic Dialogue (“the Quad”) between India, Australia, Japan and the US has got a fresh lease of life. In a significant development for the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific region, Quad held its first minister-level meeting on September 27 in New York.The efforts to build an Indo-Pacific security architecture was initiated in 2007, when for the  first time the four countries met on the sidelines of the ASEAN Regional Forum summit in the Philippines.

Is Modi Govt Efficient Enough to Build the Institution of CDS?

IN his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the government’s decision to establish the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), a single head for the three services - army, navy and air force. The CDS, a four star officer is expected to be senior to the three other service chiefs.The lack of strategic culture in India is often blamed on the prevailing higher defence management structure in the country.

Technology and the Decay of Liberalism

LIBERALISM is on the decline. The right-wing monster has re-emerged. The global response to the migrant crisis, and the speed at which racism and communalism is gaining legitimacy are clear symptoms of the decay of liberalism.The truth is that the dictatorship of the oligarchs is back with a vengeance, legitimising racism, communalism, censorship and the surveillance state. Everything that the liberals found wrong with communism has come back to haunt them.Conservatism is the main ideology of most of the states.

The Foreign Hand in Modi’s Re-election

PAKISTAN and China showered their respective bombs and benedictions on India in the midst of election season. The Pakistani establishment presented Pulwama on a platter for Modi to respond with Balakot air strikes. China filled Modi’s election kit by ensuring that Masood Azhar is placed in the international terrorist list.The twin external influences strengthened the sentiment across the country that Modi is a decisive leader who has made India stand tall in the comity of nations.

India Should Not Participate in US Economic War on Iran

IN yet another attempt to destroy a sovereign nation, undermine its economic well-being, the Trump administration has tightened sanctions on Iran.  Under the so-called isolationist Trump, the American empire has become more ruthless, expecting sovereign nations to disregard their own economic well-being and obey imperial instructions. By targeting Iran, the US wants to manipulate global oil supplies and the prices. Today Iran’s contribution to global oil market is in the range of 1 to 1.2 per cent.

Modi’s Actions Have Sullied India’s Image Abroad

MODI has destroyed India’s reputation abroad and assaulted the rule of law. Much like Trump, he has undermined the value of truth. Modi’s five-year rule has given India a hate-filled society, badly wounded politics, chaotic and angry Kashmir, a small war with Pakistan, a series of major terrorist strikes and a self- engineered economic crash. With all his incompetency, India has barely managed to survive when it should have actually thrived.


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