75th Anniversary of India’s Independence

Science and Development after 75 Years of the Indian Republic

A SCIENTIFIC vision—not in the narrow sense of natural sciences—but a larger vision encompassing the social and the natural sciences was very much a part of the national movement. India's struggle for independence was not simply to free itself from British rule. It was also to build a nation that would deliver development to its people. Independence would be bitter indeed if it did not lift people out of the abject poverty into which two centuries of colonial rule had sunk them.

Betrayal of Adivasis in India@75

THE observance of the historic 75th anniversary of India’s freedom struggle is an occasion to remember the martyrs, the struggles and sacrifices of millions who fought the British colonialists so that India could be free. Among them are the adivasis, the tribals of India.(adivasi/tribal used interchangeably in this text). History books refer to the 1857 armed uprising as the First War of Independence.

Social Justice Still A Mirage after More Than Seven Decades

OUR country is now commemorating 75 years of independence. At this time, it is our misfortune that the BJP, which was never part of the struggle for independence is heading the government that called for the observation of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, all the while working overtime to undermine the noble values of our freedom struggle – democracy, secularism, social justice and federalism.

Values of Freedom Struggle and Women in India @ 75

ON August 15, when we unfurl the national flag, we recall that historic midnight session of the Constituent Assembly seventy five years ago when the first national flag that was unfurled over parliament, was handed over to the President Rajendra Prasad by Hansa Mehta, freedom fighter and one of the 15 women members of the Constituent Assembly.  She said “It is in the fitness of things that this first flag that will fly over this august House should be a gift from the women of India….

Rural Masses Still Short Changed

AFTER 75 years of independence, there is perhaps no other sector in India which is in greater crisis than the agrarian sector. As per the data of the NCRB, over four lakh farmers and agricultural workers have been forced to commit distress suicide in the 25 years from 1995 and 2020, a direct result of neo-liberal policies. Of these peasants, over one lakh have ended their lives in the last eight years of the Modi-led BJP government alone.

Rise Unitedly To Achieve Working Class Vision of Independent India

INDIA will be completing seventy five years of its independence from British rule in a few days. Our independence was the result of the struggle by the people of our country, men, women and children, workers, peasants and other sections sacrificing everything including their lives. What did they envision when they courageously fought British colonialism?

The Indian Economy since Independence

THE post-colonial state in India had two primary tasks before it: one was to overcome the hegemony of metropolitan capital, so that a development strategy in relative autonomy from imperialism could be pursued; the second was to attack landlordism both to free the agrarian population from its clutches, and to increase agricultural output for rapid industrialisation based on a growing home market.

75 YEARS AFTER INDEPENDENCE: Democracy under Siege

TILL recently, when commemorating the significant anniversaries of independence, we could cite the parliamentary democratic system as one of the major achievements of independent India. The adoption of a republican constitution in 1950 provided the scope for people’s participation and a voice in politics which reflected the aspirations of the Indian people in their struggle for national independence.


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