75th Anniversary of India’s Independence

Safeguard the Secular Democratic Republic: Intensify Struggles and Resistance

75TH anniversary of India’s independence, christened by the Modi government as Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, is being mounted as a big campaign focusing on the hoisting of the national flag in every home in the country. For this, the Flag Code of India was amended in December 2021 to permit flags from material other than natural cloth like khadi, cotton and silk to include polyester. Everyone knows who is the biggest polyester producer in the country.

Sixty Years of Independence: Advance Struggle for Democratic Transformation

THE country will celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of independence and look back with pride at the achievement of India becoming free from colonialism on August 15, 1947. Millions of people participated in the freedom struggle, which led to the first historic milestone in the decolonisation process ushered in after the defeat of fascism in the Second World War. Tens of thousands of people sacrificed their lives in the different phases of the freedom struggle.

Anti-Imperialist Struggle: Role of Communists and the left

In the run-up to the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence, we publish a series of articles from the files of the People’s Democracy, which appeared on important anniversaries of independence. The first in the series is the article by Comrade P Ramachandran, then Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) that appeared in the PD issue dated August 16, 1998. This article was written on the occasion of the Golden jubilee celebrations of our independence.


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