West Bengal

Left will Rebuild Bengal

SIX day Singur-Salboni march ended with a call for rebuilding West Bengal, after dislodging the TMC regime. The march, with participation of tens of thousands, culminated in a huge rally in Salboni in West Midnapore district. People, mainly from terror-stricken Jungle Mahal areas attended the rally.

Peoples’ Unity as Marches Sweep Bengal

WHAT started as a jatha from Singur has turned out to be spectacular mobilisation of people throughout its way. The main jatha has been joined by many streams with more and more people enthusiastically participating, breaking all earlier records.

Thousands of people started the march from Singur on January 16 with the main slogan of industry and employment in West Bengal. The six day march will culminate in a rally in Salboni on January 22.

Media Failing To Reflect Reality

CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury has alleged that Indian media was gradually distancing itself from the reality of the country. Ruling classes have taken nearly total control of the media. Working class and its woes are rarely represented in the mainstream media. There was practically total silence about the all India strike by trade unions on last September 2; media did not even mention a word about the three-lakh strong rally in Delhi. Yechury lamented that farmer suicides and the present famine like conditions in 18 of the 29 states of the country did not make news.

Kolkata is ready for Plenum

ORGANISATIONAL Plenum of CPI(M) will be held in Kolkata from December 27-31. The plenum will mainly focus on strengthening Party organisation to build up class and mass movements, making Party capable of mobilising people to resist the onslaught of communal forces. Thus, the Plenum is intrinsically linked with struggle for peoples’ interests.

With this political call in the mind, preparations for holding this Plenum are in the final stages now.

CPI(M) Calls on People to be Prepared for Wider Struggles

“GET prepared for a wider battle. When the TMC is taking over different areas, we should concentrate on winning the minds of the people. We have to launch a greater struggle, through mass resistance and mass mobilisation. The Trinamool government must be ousted and people of Bengal have to take the responsibility to establish a people’s government”, said CPI(M) state secretary and Polit Bureau member of the Party, Suryakanta Misra while addressing a mammoth rally  in Durgapur on December 7.

Defiance, Resistance Mark Jathas in West Bengal

STATEWIDE Jathas of BPMO (Bengal Platform of Mass Organisations) created huge impact among people in West Bengal. Jathas braved ferocious attacks from the ruling party, direct threats from senior ministers of the state and marched through thousands of villages and towns. The massive campaign brought forth sharply the burning issues of the people and mobilised tens of thousands in the streets.

Statewide Jathas Receive Massive Response

STATEWIDE Jathas by Bengal Platform of Mass Organisations have elicited tremendous response in West Bengal. Tens of thousands of people have participated in the local level jathas in all districts of the state, making it already the biggest campaign programme by Left mass organisations in the last four and half years in the state. In fact, the reach and simultaneous nature of the programme has marked it as one of the largest campaign movement of all time in West Bengal.

Mass Organisations Prepare for Statewide Jatha

IN the second half of November, 113 mass organisations will conduct a statewide intensive campaign on peoples’ issues. These organisations, representing all sections of people including peasants, workers, employees, teachers, students, youth, and women have formed Bengal Platform of Mass Organisations (BPMO) from a public convention in Rani Rasmoni Avenue in Kolkata on September 28. This is the widest ever mobilisation of mass organisations on a united platform in the state.


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