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AIDWA Holds Peace March

The recent riots in Muzaffarpur are a cause for great concern. Deliberate polarisation is being attempted to divide the people on communal lines. The AIDWA condemns the violence and demands immediate intervention to restore peace. The Uttar Pradesh unit of the AIDWA held a peace march on September 10, 2013 along with all the sections in the society

Tripura Tops in Literacy Rate

Tripura Tops in Literacy Rate Rahul Sinha

TRIPURA recently surged ahead of Kerala to achieve the top position in the literacy chart in India. The state’s literacy rate now stands at 94.65 percent. In comparison, the literacy rate in Mizoram is 88.80 percent and in Kerala 93.91 percent, as per the available records. Thus, according to the latest figures, the state of Tripura now tops the chart of states in terms of literacy. This is indeed a great achievement.


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