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BJP Fights to Save Gujarat

The whole playbook of electoral tactics is now deployed in the state with PM Modi himself leading the battle.

ON November 10, when the first list of BJP candidates for Gujarat assembly elections was announced in New Delhi, there was a palpable sense of surprise among political observers though in Gujarat itself what was coming was anticipated. According to reports, among the 160 candidate names announced for

People’s Restaurants in Kerala Step in to Feed the Hungry

ON the day India slipped to the 101st position on the Global Hunger Index (GHI), a peer-reviewed annual report that measures and tracks hunger, Sreelata was at her workplace at 8.30 am as usual. Sreelata, along with three other women from her Neighbourhood Group (NHG), which is part of Kerala’s Kudumbashree community network, runs a Janakeeya Hotel (peoples’ restaurant) in Kolazhy, Thrissur, which provides subsidised meals to the public.

LAND STRUGGLES: CAG Report Provides Hard Evidence Why the Land Acquisition Law Should Not Be Diluted

For the first time, a comprehensive audit of land acquisition for industrial projects is available. Though it studies only Orissa, it holds vital lessons for the nation.

IT took India upwards of a century to pass a new land acquisition law. But it might take the country less than a year to dilute it.

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