June 02, 2024

TN Sets Example of Communal Harmony Amid a Polarised Country

Muslims in Tiruppur district have made a donation of land worth 6 lakh for a temple in Tamil Nadu. They also collaborated 30,000 for a temple feast held in its inauguration.

A HEARTRENDING instance of communal harmony has emerged from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. In a Muslim concentrated area, the local Muslim residents of the RMJ Rose Garden Jamaath Mosque came together and donated land worth Rs 6 lakhs for the construction of a temple, as per a report in The Hindu. The Muslims from the mosque donated the land after the local Hindus could not find any piece of land three months ago.

Mohammed Raja, a local resident, shared with the New Indian Express that around 10 Hindu residents had told the Muslims about their need for a temple and had requested land in the area.

The temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha was inaugurated with a feast at Ottapalayam near Padiyur, Kangayam, in Tiruppur district on May 26, 2024. The temple today stands on three cents of land generously donated by the local Muslim Jamaath. The construction of the temple was funded by Rs 10 lakh which was collected through donations from locals as well as the panchayat president.

The two communities have reportedly lived together in harmony for years, and this incident of generous donation adds to the comfort and trust between the two communities. This relation reflected further in the celebration of the temple inauguration where members of the Muslim community, including children, arrived and brought with them a traditional ‘seervarisai’ offering, consisting of fruits, flowers, and other items arranged on plates. During the inauguration ceremony, Muslim residents contributed Rs 30,000 for the ‘annadanam’ which is the community feast.

Members of both communities can be seen greeting and garlanding each other.

The area, Rose Garden, is a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood, but has a small share of Hindu families living there as well, as per The Hindu.

Courtesy: Sabrang India



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