How Modi Government Loots through Central Taxes on Petrol and Diesel

FACING massive anger at the relentless raising of petrol/diesel and cooking gas prices, the Modi government has resorted to trickery. It has shifted the onus of bringing down prices on to state governments. BJP state governments have been forced to comply with this tactic, and political pressure is being manufactured and applied on non-BJP state governments to do the same.

Delhi: Relief Work carried out in Lockdown

THE central government imposed a lock-down / curfew in the entire country from March 25, 2020. The people in Delhi-NCR and in other states/UTs in the country were caught unaware by the sudden announcement, which now appears to have been announced without any planning and preparation. Casual workers, who were dependent upon the daily wages, were staring at the crisis. It was a question of their survival. No work for them meant no wages; impacting their abilities to procure food.

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