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May Day Celebrations in Pampady

PAMPADY is a small village in Kottayam district in Kerala. It falls in the Puthupally constituency from where Oommen Chandy, the former chief minister of Kerala has been winning continuously since 1970. Most of the people in the village depend upon agriculture.

What gives this village a unique place in the country is its observance of May Day. May Day in this village is being observed since the last 37 years as ‘Gramotsavam’, a village festival.

Green Berets & ‘White Helmets’ are All Participants In Imperial Wars in the Middle East

A FRESH round of imperialist bloodletting is on the cards in the Middle-East. They caused complete destruction of Fallujah in Iraq, they bombed hospitals in Afghanistan, and virtually flattened Mosul and Raqqa in Iraq and Syria.Trump and Netanyahu, backed by a set of reactionary monarchical Arab regimes, is out to devour one more nation to feed its insatiable imperial appetite.The US-Israeli war drive against Iran has assumed dangerous proportions.

KERALA Protests against Petrol-Diesel Price Hike

THE CPI(M) organised protests all across Kerala against the continuous fuel price hikes in India which have made people's lives miserable.

Thousands of people participated in the "Prathishedha Sangamam" (protest confluence) held at Kannur on May 4. A protest march was taken out from the Collectorate to the Stadium corner, where a massive public meeting was held. People participated in the protest by pushing two-wheelers and by carrying gas cylinders. The confluence was inaugurated by P Jayarajan, CPI(M) Kannur district secretary.

DSMM Condemns Murder of Sachin Valiya

The DSMM strongly condemns the dastardly murder of Sachin Valiya, younger brother of Kamal Valiya the District President of Bhim Army, Saharanpur.  It is completely outrageous that this crime was committed exactly one year after the protest against the dalits of Shabbirpur village in the district by a section of Rajputs who were shouting slogans against Dr.

BJP’s Authoritarian Regime Takes Grip on Tripura

ONE and a half months have passed since the BJP-IPFT (Indigenous People's Front of Tripura) coalition government has assumed office in Tripura and the attacks on the Left front workers and supporters continue in full swing in the state.

On May 7, the state police imposed Section 144 and cordoned up the entire old motor stand areas by the paramilitary forces in Agartala. Several JCB machines were used to bulldoze the offices of the Tripura Motor Shramik Union (TMSU) which were occupied by the BJP workers after declaration of the election result.

Bombay University and College Teachers’ Union Wins Senate Election

THE process of elections for the Senate, Academic Council and Boards of Studies in the University of Mumbai has been underway since January 2018. The elections have acquired much greater significance than earlier ones as they are being conducted under the provisions of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act (MPUA) 2016, enforced since March 2017. A new education policy has already been released by the state government under the Act. This policy will be implemented by bringing in a structural change through a new institutional arrangement.

Is Death Penalty the Right Solution?

THE huge public outcry and resentment at the increasing incidents of rapes and sexual offences against women today can well be understood and appreciated. In a country where a woman is reportedly raped every 15 minutes (this, despite many rape cases still going unreported), and where a woman is a victim of crime every two minutes, such outrage is a natural reaction, particularly when law makers and law protectors become accomplice to such heinous acts, as demonstrated in Kathua and Unnao rape cases.


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