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From Rajasthan to "Mersal", a Bad Week for Democracy in India

In the village of Karimati in Jharkhand, Koili Devi, the mother of 11-year-old Santosh Kumari, who had died of starvation, had to flee her home as she was attacked by local goondasreportedly because she had challenged the official version that her child had died of malaria not hunger, and dared to publicly say that in fact her child had died because the government had passed orders that no one without an Aadhar card would get rations. She spoke the truth, and for that she was attacked. The local auxiliary nurse confirmed that the child was not suffering from malaria.

RAJASTHAN GAG BILL DEFERRED: DUJ, NAJ, Lawyers Union Hail Victory of Democratic Forces

THE Delhi Union of Journalists(DUJ) , the National Alliance of Journalists and All India Lawyer’s Union have, in a statement issued on October 24, congratulated the democratic opinion that demanded that the Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance 2017 placed by BJP government in Rajasthan assembly for converting it into a statute should be withdrawn lock-stock and barrel. A small beginning has been made by its deferment they said. Continued vigilance is the need of the hour as other cases of brow beating the media remain, they added.

Too Little and Too Vague: Arun Jaitley’s Scheme for Bank Rescue

THE finance minister Arun Jaitley had announced on October 24, a Rs 2.11 lakh crore plan for capitalising the public-sector banks. Out of the total announced amount, the banks will get a capital of Rs 1.35 lakh crores through recapitalisation bonds. Jaitley was vague on, who is going to issue the bonds.  Rs 76 thousand crores  will be raised by selling banks’ shares from the market. Only a paltry Rs 18,000 crores will be from the central exchequer. This recapitalisation is not going to be immediate, but will happen over the next two years.

Public Censure

The Central Committee of the CPI(M) issued the following statement on October 25

THE Central Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist) in its meeting held on October 14-16, 2017 expressed its strong disapproval of certain remarks made by Gautam Deb, member of the Central Committee, to a Bengali television channel which were damaging to the Party.  Gautam Deb accepted his mistake and expressed regret.

The Central Committee publicly censured Gautam Deb and warned him to desist from making such remarks.

Protests against RSS-BJP Terror held in Tripura

THE people of Tripura rose in loud protest in all parts of the state on October 9 against lumpen politics unleashed by the BJP-RSS and their falsification campaign targeting the CPI(M). They resolved to resist this anti-communist hysteria that had gripped the ruling BJP-RSS duo so terribly that it had lost all sanity to stall functioning of a recognised political party and carry on barbarous attacks on CPI(M) offices in various states of the country.

World Shakes as Fetters Break – October 25, 1917

WITH the leaking of the information that Bolsheviks were preparing for the takeover of power leaked, the ruling classes led provincial government began all preparations to forestall it. A secret meeting of the provincial government was held to decide on the measures to combat the Bolsheviks and defeat the working class. Troops were summoned from the front to Petrograd. Huge number of armed forces were mobilised even in Moscow. On the other hand, Kerensky was prepared to surrender Petrograd to Germans and withdraw to Moscow.

Neruda Indicts the US from his Grave

A GROUP of experts assembled by the Chilean judge investigating Pablo Neruda’s possible assassination gave its verdict. The cause of death given in the death certificate is certainly wrong; he definitely did not die of prostate cancer. The international forensic team found an unexplained and a virulent strain of golden staph bacteria in his exhumed body as a probable cause. Neruda was certainly murdered by the Pinochet regime in the Santa Maria Clinic in Santiago, though more forensic work is required to determine the actual cause of death.

Nature’s Latest Grand Spectacle Reaffirms its Dialectical & Materialist Character

THE world’s scientific community, especially astronomers and cosmologists, is abuzz about the signals from a mega event that rang, quite literally, not only around the globe but also beyond it. This was the “sighting” of a collision between two neutron stars 130 million light years away! What was so significant about it that it took the scientific community by storm and led to unprecedented messaging and tweeting all across the globe?


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