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Suggestions to Delegates and Observers attending the CPI(M) 22nd Congress, Hyderabad

THE 22nd Congress of the CPI(M) is going to be held at Hyderabad from April 18-22, 2018.

1)   Accommodation will be arranged for delegates and observers from the evening of April 17th to April 23rd morning.

2)   The venue for the Congress is RTC Kalyana Mandapam, RTC X roads, Baghlingampally, Musheerabad.

3)   Public meeting will be held on April 22.

4)   There are three Railway Stations at Hyderabad (Secunderabad, Hyderabad-Nampally and Kachiguda). You can get down at any of these stations. Secunderabad and Kachiguda stations are nearer to the venue.

Clarify: Serious Violation of Norms

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on January 15

IT has been reported in sections of the media that a meeting was held at the residence of union home minister Rajnath Singh attended by BJP and RSS leaders to discuss about the forthcoming elections in Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. Some of the media have also reported that the national security adviser Ajit Doval also attended the meeting. If correct, this is a shocking violation of norms and serious misconduct.

Supreme Court Issue

CPI(M)  Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on January 12.

FOUR of the senior most judges of the Supreme Court have held an unprecedented press conference.  They have raised important issues which have a vital bearing on the institution of the Supreme Court such as the way the roster of judges are allocated to hear cases.

The integrity and independence of the judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court, is a vital pillar of the constitution and non-negotiable.

On Haj Subsidy

CPI(M)  Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on January 17

THE union government has decided to abruptly stop the Haj subsidy for pilgrims’ travel, though the Supreme Court had given a verdict in 2012 that this subsidy should be phased out over a ten year period.  The sudden withdrawal of the subsidy seems arbitrary and motivated by other considerations. 


THE All India   Lawyers   Union   (AILU) in a statement issued on January 12 has said that the press conference by four senior most judges of the Supreme Court and the issues raised by them in their press meet and the letter addressed by them and issued to the press, is unprecedented and disturbing for the justice delivery system. It is a wakeup call for improving the functioning of the Apex Court and the judiciary as a whole. 


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