CC COMMUNIQUE: Mass Dharna on Dec 2 Against BJP Govt’s Moves to Subvert MGNREGA

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi from October 26 to 29, 2014. It has issued the following statement:

The Modi government is taking steps to curtail and restrict the Rural Employment...


KARNATAKA: Thousands March Demanding Land Rights and Action against...

BANGALORE was a sea of Red on October 13 as more than 20,000 peasants, agricultural workers and rural masses came from across Karnataka and marched for land rights for the landless, rights over the Bagair-Hukum land and forest land being...


PM’s Hollow Claims on Bringing Back Black Money

ONE after another, all the election promises made by Prime Minister Modi during his whirlwind nationwide campaign, in a corporate jet, are turning out to be completely hollow – full of bluster and no substance. On earlier occasions, we had exposed the feature of this Modi...


I am (A)Santhosh

MY name is Santosh. I am eight years old. I stay in Jayanagar in Benguluru. I do not know why he had hit me on that day, when I said the place where I stay. I do not understand why all of you are coming to me today. If all this has got something to do with the place where I stay, please tell me what is it? I am not understanding anything.

Dilma Rousseff’s Victory

THE American “mainstream” media have tried to play down Dilma Rousseff’s victory in the presidential election in Brazil by emphasising the “narrowness” of her victory-margin, even though they would never be grudging in their acknowledgement of Bush Jr’s victory which was by a far narrower margin. “Narrowness” becomes a consideration for them only when the victor belongs to the Left.

Necessity of Electoral Reforms

RESULTS of recently held elections to the 16th Lok Sabha preceded by high decibel and most expensive campaign underline the dark side of largest democracy in the world. We may take note of few facts to understand the malaise in our electoral process.

WEST BENGAL: Police-TMC Nexus Led to Massacre in Parui

RECURRING clashes, murders and kangaroo courts have promoted Parui in Birbhum district to the headlines for a number of times in the last few years. On October 27, a clash in Makhra village in Parui has claimed three lives. The clash came as continuation of events starting from the recovery of 800 bombs from a Government Health Centre and attack on police personnel. The clash occurred as Trinamool Congress miscreants were...

RSS Goons Kill DYFI Worker in Kasaragod

A DYFI worker has been brutally killed by RSS goons at Kumbala village in Kerala’s Kasaragod district. The incident took place around 5 pm on October 27 when 37-year-old Murali, a member of DYFI Shatipallam unit committee, was riding a motorbike, along with his friend Manjunath. The RSS goons, led by Sharat, stopped the motorcycle and stabbed him repeatedly to death. This was the second attempt on Murali’s life.

Problems of Jute Cultivation and Jute Industry

JUTE is the oldest cash crop of eastern India. It is a natural coarse fibre, made from the stems of a tropical plant and used for making rope/yard and woven into sacking, hessian, etc. Raw jute, as it is known in trade, comprises jute and mesta fibres. Jute fibre is obtained from two plants species, such as Corchorus Capsylaris (white jute) and Corchorus Otitoruus (tossa jute). The plant species Hibiscus sabdariffa var, altissima yield...

Love Jihad: RSS Unleashes Weapon of Hate

Pichhle saal dange hue, khoob hui khoon ki barish. Agle saal achhi hogi fasal matdaan ki. -Gorakh Pandey (Last year there were riots, an ample monsoon of blood. Next year will bring a rich harvest during elections.) IT has been a long standing strategy of the BJP and the RSS to try and divide the society on communal lines and use the dogmatic thinking and blind-fold ignorance of some people as side-kicks to gain electoral success. One of the...

Dalit Agricultural Worker Women’s Meet in Punjab

AS part of the implementation of the call given by the 8th all India conference of All India Agricultural Workers’ Union held at Warangal in Telangana recently, the Punjab state unit of AIAWU held a convention of Dalit women agricultural workers on October 4 at Jalandhar. The convention was presided over by Sunita Rani, Kesra Devi and AIAWU Punjab working president Ram Singh Noorpuri.

Afghan Political Impasse Ends

AS many Afghanistan watchers had predicted from the outset, a power sharing deal between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the contenders for the presidency was announced with much fanfare on September 22. Under the deal, Ghani has duly been sworn in as president of the country. Only a week before, Abdullah was threatening that he and his supporters would not recognise the results or recognise Ghani as the democratically elected president, even after the votes were...