Central Committee Adopts Review Report & Draft Political Resolution

THE Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) began its three day session at Pragati Nagar in Hyderabad from January 19-21. On behalf of the Polit Bureau, General Secretary Prakash Karat placed the Draft Review Report on the Political Tactical Line, in the morning session. The...


Why the Prices of Petrol & Diesel should be Cut?

THE crash in global crude oil prices raises questions in relation to the petroleum pricing policies of the Government of India.

India imports around 80 per cent of its crude oil requirements so international prices of crude oil have a direct bearing on the price of petroleum products...


Greater Economic Burdens Instead of Ache Din

THERE is predictable hype being built over US President Barrack Obama’s presence at the 2015 Republic Day parade as the chief guest. This is the first time, since independence, that a serving president of the USA would be the chief guest at our annual Republic Day parade where the president of...


Sham of Lowering Petrol & Diesel Prices

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on January 17. THE central government has for the fourth time since November hiked the excise duties on petrol and diesel which will bring the government revenue of Rs 20,000 crores rupees. Thus instead of the people of India benefiting from the 55 per cent decrease in the global price of crude oil since June 2014, the government is exploiting the situation...

The Real & Insidious Nature of 'Ghar Wapsi’ Campaign

‘GHAR’ is one of the most loved and evocative words in Hindustani. It conjures up a place that is always welcoming, always accepting, not only to those who belong to it but to their friends and comrades. The doors of a home are always open, the space in a home is also elastic, capable of enveloping as many as want to enter the haven that it offers. ‘Ghar wapsi’ therefore signifies a happy return home.

Gyan Sangam - A Road Map to Privatisation of Public Sector Banks

IT is very much shocking that the meeting of chiefs of the public sector banks named as Gyan Sangam held on January 2-3, 2015 at Pune laid a road map for privatisation of public sector banks. The BJP led government at the centre took the lead for this summit. All the presentation papers were readied by the ministry of finance with McKinsey, a multi-national company (MNC) as knowledge partner. This was very...

Central Trade Unions Demand Directional Change of Economic Policies

The following is the statement issued by the Central Trade Unions on January 17, 2015 The central trade unions asserted in the pre-budget consultation meeting with the finance minister on January 17, 2015, that the government should ensure ‘Ease of life and livelihood of the common people”, “not merely ease of doing business”.

AIKS Opposes Moves to Reduce Food Grain Buffer Stocks

The following is the press statement issued by the AIKS on January 15. THE All India Kisan Sabha condemns the BJP-led NDA government’s proposal to drastically reduce the food grain buffer stocks to be maintained with the Food Corporation of India. The buffer stocks were to be raised by 60 per cent to meet the requirements of the Food Security Act. However, the BJP-led NDA government is reportedly proposing to raise it only...

Women’s Safety & the Sangh Parivar: A Comment

THIS week Kiran Bedi joined the Delhi BJP as its star campaigner, and declared in the first very statement that in Delhi “women’s safety is the main issue and not Statehood”. She said that if she wins elections than she would ensure that there was better policing including community policing in order to ensure women’s safety.

In Support of Perumal Murugan

The following is the press statement issued by Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust on January 17, 2015. IN another shocking and serious blow to the freedom of expression, Perumal Murugan, an influential Tamil writer at the peak of his creative powers, has been bullied, blackmailed and harassed by anonymous vested religious elements led by the Hindutva right, in collusion with the police and the state administration of Tamil Nadu, into helpless submission – so much so that he has,...

Pakistan: Roots of Terror

THE Peshawar massacre of the innocents could be a turning point in Pakistan. At least for the moment all the important stakeholders seem united in their determination to confront the scourge of terrorism which has been mercilessly stalking the country for more than a decade now.

Wages of Neo-liberalism

JEREMY Seabrook, one of the most vocal voices of labour today, in his latest book The Song of the Shirt, takes us to the bleak, almost surreal, world of Dhaka garment industry’s over 3,000 sweatshops. Tens of thousands of workers – 80 per cent of them women and children – labour here for long hours, in cramped and squalid conditions to eke out a subsistence existence. Many malnourished live on one meal a day, with diseases never far away and doctors beyond their reach. Nevertheless,...