Huge Kisan-Mazdoor Jail Bharo

THE AIKS and CITU have congratulated the people of the country, especially the workers and the farmers, for their overwhelming response to the August 9 Jail Bharo movement. It was expected that over 20 lakh people will participate, but the reports received at the centre as we go to the press show that the number may increase the targeted figure. In Delhi, there was a...


Polit Bureau Communique

CPI(M) Polit Bureau meeting was held on August 3-4, 2018 at New Delhi. It has issued the following statement on August 4.
THE Polit Bureau reiterated the CPI(M)’s support to the kisan-mazdoor jail bharo on August 9, 2018. Among other issues the peasant organisations are demanding a...


Article 35A: Another Divisive Move

THE petition challenging Article 35A of the constitution before the Supreme Court is meant to open up another divisive issue in tune with the Hindutva politics espoused by the BJP and the RSS.

All India Road Transport Workers’ Strike

THE All India Co-ordination Committee of Road Transport Workers’ Organisations has called upon road transport workers and owners of the country to go on strike on August 7, demanding withdrawal of draconian MV Act (Amendment) Bill 2017 that paves way for corporates into the core transport sector. The call was given at the meeting of motor transport workers and vehicle owners held at Thiruvananthapuram on July 14.

Numbers Hold Mirrors

WHEN questioned about Maratha reservations, Nitin Gadkari, cabinet minister in the present union government and also former president of the BJP, posed a counter question: “Where are the jobs”? Before posing this question, he actually started it by saying: “But there are no jobs. Because in banks, the jobs have shrunk because of IT. The government recruitment is frozen”. If the same words come out of our mouth’s, all of us would have been by now branded as ‘anti-nationals’ and what not...

Begging and Criminality

ON Wednesday August 8, the Delhi High Court decriminalised begging in the capital. In the course of its hearing, it had raised the question how begging could be an offence in a country where the government was unable to provide food and jobs; its final verdict is in line with this thinking. Of course there was no central legislation, or legislation relating specifically to Delhi, that had criminalised begging earlier; but the capital region like several other states had simply used...

RS Sharma’s Aadhaar Challenge: Claiming Victory from Defeat

BY a sleight of hand, RS Sharma, the TRAI chief, has changed his irresponsible challenge “harm me using my Aadhaar” to “hack my Aadhaar database”. The two are completely different issues. What the ethical hacker community – yes, there is one – has shown is the immense harm that they could have done to Sharma, but did not. They only showed us the danger from Aadhaar to our privacy, and they succeeded quite...

Rafale Deal: A ‘Toofani’ Scam

NOT very long ago, in 2012, the Indian Air force (IAF) selected Rafale fighter jet for procurement to augment its depleting fleet. The process adopted by the IAF for evaluating the competing aircraft set the gold standards for fighter aircraft acquisitions. Air Commodore Jasjit Singh praised the Air Force for following a “systematic and scientific process”.

Meanwhile in Tripura

MERE SUSPICION IS ENOUGH IN the changed Tripura, if one is a government employee and has attained the age of 50 or 55 years or completed 30 years of service, then the threat of voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) looms large on such category of government employees. The continuation of the services will depend upon periodical reviews of one’s fitness, service records etc. If the review finds the employee unfit, he/she would be shown the door.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The Victory of Alexandria Cortez

APART from whatever is happening with Trump and his ‘eccentricities’, many other significant developments are taking place within the US. One such significant development is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in the New York Democratic primary election. Recognising its significance, the New York Times Sunday Review featured a cover story, ‘The Millennial Socialists Are Coming’, about her and other candidates of her like....

Creation of the Proletarian Party

MARX, in the Poverty of Philosophy, clearly set forth the principles of his theory of social history. “The hand mill gives you society with the feudal lord; the steam mill, society with the industrial capitalist,” he wrote, examining the dialectical interaction of the productive forces and production relations. Prospects were opened before the reader for the revolutionary struggle of the working class and all working people.

Homage to M Karunanidhi

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on August 8 THE Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) expresses its profound grief at the death of a veteran of the Dravidian movement, DMK President and a stalwart of Tamil Nadu politics, M Karunanidhi. He was chief minister of Tamil Nadu five times. He was elected to the Tamil Nadu assembly thirteen times without losing a single one.