KERALA: News of CPI(M) Observing Ramayana Month is Baseless

CPI(M) Kerala state secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, in a statement issued on July 11, has stated that the rumours about CPI(M) observing a “Ramayanam Masam” during Karkidakam, a month in Malayalam calendar, are baseless.
RSS has been exploiting the Ramayanam celebrations during the month of Karkidakam for advancing...


MSP Hike: Fraudulent Claims

The CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on July 5.
THE central government has made fraudulent claims that the announced hike in prices of the minimum support price (MSP) for paddy and other crops is fulfillment of the promise for implementation of the Swaminathan Commission recommendations. The...


Assault on Education

THE news about the legislations being brought forth to abolish the University Grants Commission (UGC) and to set-up a Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) has brought into sharp focus the assault on education and, in particular, higher education, that is taking place under the Modi government.
The various steps taken in the sphere...


Has There Been an MSP Hike for Kharif Crops?

MUCH has been written by now exposing the fraudulence of the government’s claims of a “historic” rise in the minimum support price for kharif crops. It has been pointed out for instance that while the Swaminathan Committee had recommended that the MSP should be fixed at 50 percent above the cost of production C2 which includes rental on own land, a recommendation that the BJP in its 2014 election manifesto had promised to implement, the current...

Lynch Mobs: What WhatsApp Will not Do and BJP Won’t Ask

LAST week, we had written on the rise of lynch mobs, the spreading of hate and false rumours through social media, and the complicity of the government. This week I will look at a particular feature of the WhatsApp platform that helps in spreading hate, and why the BJP government is not asking them to change this feature.

Trees, Cities and Economics

AT a time when the apologists of neoliberal economic reforms are celebrating World Bank’s declaration of India as the sixth biggest economy, two of the most important cities of our country – Delhi, the political capital and Mumbai, the financial capital are busy exposing the hollowness of such a growth. Successive neoliberal governments promoted cities as the engines of growth. For common people, the costs of such a growth are much higher than the accrued benefits.

The Institute of Human Virology honoured Kerala's Chief and Health Minister for effective control of Nipah virus

KERALA has received international recognition for its effective prevention measures against Nipah virus outbreak. The Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore honoured Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister K K Shylaja for the government’s efforts in curbing the outbreak. Noted bio-medical scientist and co-founder...

Meanwhile In Tripura

Left to Protest outside Parliament against Murder of Democracy in Bengal & Tripura THE state of governance in Tripura is at a low ebb. It is the responsibility of the state government to maintain law and order. But the fact that the government here is failing to do so is clear from the incidents of mob lynching on the rumour of child lifting and organ trafficking that was spread by a minister of the government which has caused this violence and mass hysteria.

DELHI: Workers Denied Minimum Wages for 15 months, TUs to strike on July 20

MORE than a year since the government failed to implement minimum wages in Delhi, members of eleven trade unions including major ones like CITU, AITUC and INTUC have decided to go on strike on July 20 pressing for their demands. A formal notice was given to the chief minister and the lieutenant governor of Delhi on June 27.

Need for a United Front of Journos on Common Demands: NAJ

THE National Alliance of Journalists has called upon its members, to rally in unison for a twofold alliance with professional journalists from the wide spectrum media, including the broadcast and social media and other unions aligning with it in a federative spirit.

Life and Work of Karl Marx – V: The New World Outlook

MEANWHILE, the reactionary Prussian government which had kept Marx’s activities in Paris under close observation from the first day on, succeeded in January 1845 in getting the French authorities to expel him. He was ordered to leave Paris within 24 hours, and to be out of France in the shortest possible time.

Mexico: An Election of Hope

I: The Night of Tlatelolco October, 1968. The world had descended to Mexico, the “young adult” of the world, as spectators and participants to the first ever Olympic Games being hosted in South-Central Americas. This was not an ordinary feat for a nation that had defied all predictions of doom and gloom to emerge as a politically stable (under the absolutist one-party rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, better known through its Spanish acronym PRI) and economically...