Polit Bureau Communiqué

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met on February 19, 2017 at New Delhi. It has issued the following statement on February 19, 2017.

BJP’s Communal Rhetoric in Uttar Pradesh

THE BJP’s election campaign in Uttar Pradesh is unfolding true to form. Led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, communal rhetoric is in full flow and the staple diet of majoritarian communalism is being dished out.
Narendra Modi himself has set the pace, in the midst of the campaign, in a speech...


Persecution of Muslim Youth in Terror Cases

THE sordid and shocking record of the targeting and prosecution of Muslim youth being falsely accused in terror related cases has once again been highlighted by the Delhi High Court’s acquittal of all the three accused in the 2005 serial blasts in Delhi. Two men Mohammad Hussain Fazli and Mohd Rafiq...


Nuclear Energy in India: From Self-Reliance To Import Dependence

India was an early entrant in the field of nuclear energy. It was Dr Homi J Bhabha who initiated nuclear science research in India by setting up the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in 1945 and later the Atomic Energy Establishment at Trombay (now known as Bhabha Atomic Research Centre or BARC) in 1954 to intensify effort to deploy nuclear technology for generating electricity. The Department of...

“Government by Discussion”

The conception of “government by discussion” demands both public education and widespread public participation in discussions, on the basis of which alone policy decisions should be made.

ISRO’s Record Launch: Less Known Innovations

If ISRO wants to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, it needs to re-examine its future research programmes and develop applications that can command a larger share in commercial user services. Its own vision and choice of future trajectory will determine if they can succeed in innovations that can break barriers. But they also require far greater support from the government which today keeps ISRO on a starvation diet in...

Peasantry Will Resist State & Corporate Attack on Land, Agriculture and Livelihood

THE Central Kisan Committee of AIKS met in Delhi on February 15-16 to discuss the prevailing agrarian situation in the country. It has decided to join hands with all like-minded left and progressive organisations of peasants, agricultural workers, dalits and tribals to resist the attack unleased by the Centre and various state governments on land, agriculture and the...

Farmers to go ahead with ‘Jaipur Kooch’ on March 2

The Rajasthan state committee of the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) has said that the rollback of electricity tariff hikes and other announcements by the government is a victory of the organised and united peasant movement in Rajasthan. The broadest unity of peasants and their participation in resilient activism across all districts of the state, under the four month old movement led by the Kisan Sabha has made the anti-...

History of the Communist Party in Kerala – A Project of the CPI(M)

HISTORIES of the Communist movement in Kerala have been written by several scholars, as well as by the leading comrades of movement, such as EMS Namboodiripad and NE Balaram. Histories of various class and mass movements in Kerala, such as trade union movement, kisan movement, students movement, teachers movement and the NGOs are also available. Autobiographies and biographies of several leading comrades,...

WEST BENGAL: ‘Big Capital has Chosen Hindutva Forces to Implement Neoliberal Policies’

THE big capital in India has extended its support to Hindutva forces to implement neoliberal policies. The coming together of big business and communal forces is a very serious threat to Indian polity. This was said by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat, while delivering Chittabrata Majumdar memorial lecture in Howrah, West Bengal....

Thinking Together

In India all sorts of politicians face corruption charges, some face trial in courts, some are convicted, some are acquitted, some go on appeal etc..etc.. Does CPI(M) treat one is innocent till final conviction in any court of law? What is the yardstick CPI(M) adopts to deal with them? S Manohar, Melagaram,Tamil Nadu.

Comrade Raghbir Singh Hooda

COMRADE Raghbir Singh Hooda, former state secretary of CPI(M) Haryana state committee and a veteran advocate, passed away in Rohtak on February 21. Haryana state secretariat of the Party expressed deep grief at the passing away of the octogenarian Left leader who led an arduous life in the struggle for the toiling masses. Com Hooda had to face police repression several times including detentions under MISA during emergency.