BJP’s Lethal Cocktail of Communal Polarisation and Caste Based Social Engineering

THE BJP has scored a stunning victory in the recent round of assembly elections. In Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, it has managed to maintain its 2014 performance. In the 2014 general elections, it had polled 42.3 percent of the vote in Uttar Pradesh and 55.3...


KERALA: Budget and Annual Plan for 2017-18

THE budget of 2017-18 is an expression of the commitment of the government of Kerala to take bold and imaginative decisions in the service of the people, despite resource constraints and the inequalities of centre-state financial relations.
Every budget has plan and non-plan components. This year,...


Portents of UP Elections

What the UP verdict underlines is the requirement of a clear cut alternative political and ideological platform to the BJP and the RSS. This requires both a political alternative to the Hindu communal agenda and an alternative policy platform to the neoliberal policies. The UP verdict has also underscored the necessity for alliances of...


On the Results of the Five Assembly Elections

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on March 11, 2017 THE BJP has won a sweeping victory in Uttar Pradesh getting over three-fourth of the seats in the assembly. This victory has been accomplished by a mix of rank communal appeal and by putting together a wide ranging caste coalition. It was this combination that propelled Narendra Modi and the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections in the state and...

Narendra Modi on Poverty

In order to boost investment in the economy, demand has to increase. Welfare expenditure plays that role. It is a means of boosting demand in the economy, and thereby bringing about larger investment and higher growth as well. Welfare expenditure does not stand in the way of growth; it is a means of bringing about growth.


MARCH 8, International Women's Day was celebrated and March 10, death anniversary of the great social reformer and pioneer of women’s education in Maharashtra, Savitribai Phule, was observed in Thane-Palghar district of Maharashtra by AIDWA with tremendous zest and enthusiasm. During the week from March 3-10, over 8,000 women in various tehsils took part in programmes around the three slogans given by the AIDWA CEC:

CPI(M) Takes Up People’s Issues in Tamil Nadu

TAMIL Nadu is facing an unusual situation. The entire state has been badly affected by a severe drought the like of which has not been seen for over a hundred years. On account of the shortfall in rainfall, from both the South West and the North East monsoons, agriculture in Tamil Nadu has been badly hit. In particular, there has been neither a kuruvai crop (normally planted in mid June, harvested by October) nor a sambha crop (planted in...

WEST BENGAL: Militant Struggle by Students-Youth Sends New Message

STUDENTS-youth in West Bengal came into streets and fought a militant battle, creating tales of resistance. This wasn’t the first time that organisations like the Students’ Federation of India and the Democratic Youth Federation of India took to the streets demanding that the TET be conducted transparently and that proper investigations be made into the various allegations surrounding the exam. The...

TELANGANA: Pinarayi Vijayan will Participate in Struggle Convention

CHIEF Minister of Kerala and Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M), Pinarayi Vijayan, will participate in the Struggle Convention for Social Justice scheduled to be organised on March 19 in Hyderabad to mark the culmination of Mahajana Padayatra undertaken by the CPI(M) in Telangana, asserted Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M), MA Baby. The RSS threats won’t deter Vijayan and he will tour all over the...

MAHARASHTRA: Rightwing Offensive Continues In Local Body Elections

A FORTNIGHT before the results to the Uttar Pradesh and other four state assemblies were declared, the same rightwing offensive was evident in the elections to 10 municipal corporations (MC), 25 zilla parishads (ZP) and 283 panchayat samitis (PS) in Maharashtra. These elections took place last month and the results were declared on February 23.

Thinking Together

Q. Why is the CPI(M) always criticising Israel as if it is a demon and always hailing Palestinians even the radicalist Palestinians? Sagarneel Sinha

The Attack on Indian Americans

WHEN Narendra Modi sat in the wilderness of American political opinion, sections of the NRI community came to his defence. Graphic human rights reports on the pogrom in Gujarat had turned the US State Department against Modi. He was denied a visa to enter the United States. It did not help Modi that there was clear evidence of discrimination against Christians in Gujarat, most notably in the Dangs region where Modi’s allies used violence against Christian missionaries. This...