Central TUs Observe National Protest Day:

COMING days will be days of massive struggles – this was the message that emanated from different parts of the country on December 5 from the huge gatherings of workers and employees. The national protest day was observed on December 5 by the joint platform of all central trade unions and national federations. Various state level trade union...


When a Majority is Used to Trivialise Hate Speech

THE central government, which had adamantly refused to accept any resolution of the issues arising out of the hate speech by its minister Niranjan Jyoti, was forced to accept a compromise resolution read out by the chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
The episode highlights various facets of...


Planning De-Commission-ed

ON December 7, 2014, Prime Minister Modi called a meeting of the chief ministers with the agenda `Replacing Planning Commission’. He was, thus, implementing his decision to dismantle the Planning Commission without any prior consultations with the elected chief ministers of the Indian states.

Stop Forced Conversions

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on December 11. THE Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns the religious conversion of around 300 Muslims, mostly poor migrants from Bihar and West Bengal in Agra through false enticement, force and intimidation by the RSS/BJP.

Lines of Hatred

I HATE lizards. Not because they look ugly. But because of the miseries they had caused. Before you think that I am some sort of a superstitious person, let me elaborate. Lizards from a village in Haryana have led to social boycott of dalits and that is the reason why I hate them. Surprised? In India, anything can happen. Hear this from a participant in the recently organised convention of the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch.

The Phenomenal Increase in Wealth Inequality

CREDIT Suisse brings out a Global Wealth Report every year. The current year’s report takes up for specific discussion the issue of wealth inequality. The term “wealth” in the report covers only household wealth and refers to the value of assets at current prices; it includes in other words capital gains and hence the effects of speculative factors.

Tripura Cm At Meet On Planning Commission

Below we reproduce the speech of Manik Sarkar, chief minister of Tripura at the meeting convened by the prime minister on the restructuring of the Planning Commission held on December 7, 2014. "PLANNING" in India has always been a short-hand for "National Economic Planning": it has necessarily been associated with the concept of the "nation". The modern Indian "nation" was formed through the anti-colonial struggle which had placed before the people...

The Path to Sustainable Development: Lessons from the Bhopal Disaster

THE premise of sustainable development is that it should be non-discriminatory and equitable as well. Discriminatory practices in the name of development have disastrous consequences as the people of Bhopal had experienced at the hands of Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), a US Transnational Corporation (which is currently owned by the Dow Chemical Company, USA).

Sex Work & Reproduction of Capitalism: Some Reflections on the Debate

THE public debate on the legalisation of sex work (ie, prostitution) has once again gained focus after the chairperson of the National Women’s Commission expressed her support for the move. This move, which represents a policy shift, needs to be seen in the context of the development of a growing lucrative commercial sex work industry within the capitalist system. The polarised positions within the...

Dare – To Dream, Fight and Change the World

IN the recently concluded elections to various States in Latin America – Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and El Salvador – the parties that were credited to have ushered in a 'pink tide', retained office. These victories are indeed significant, because many ruling parties (both Social Democrat and Conservative) across the world are losing elections in these times of global economic crises. To understand what separates these governments in Latin...

Sun Raha Hai Na Tu… DYFI’s Campaign against Violence on Women

SUN Raha Hai Na Tu (Are you listening?) is a campaign against violence on women; violence which is perpetrated not only on the body of a woman but also on her conscience. Molestation, eve-teasing, comments, rape and even murder has become a common thing for the girls and women in Delhi-NCR. It has perhaps become a common thing for all of us. We have perhaps started forgetting the anger that was...

JUSTICE FOR KORPAN: Massive Protest by Disabled Persons in Kolkata

AN unequal battle was fought on the streets of Kolkata on December 3, observed worldwide as the International Day for Persons with Disabilities. The battle was between disabled people of state and the Kolkata police. Braving a fully geared huge police contingent, thousands of disabled persons who had gathered from different parts of the state were there protesting and venting their anger. Breaking...