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All-India Conference of Road Transport Workers’ Federation Held

THE 10TH national conference of the All India Road Transport Workers’ Federation (AIRTWF) was held in Visakhapatnam from June 4 to June 6. It began with a rally of 5,000-strong workers, which culminated with an open meeting at the Gandhi statue near the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation office. The delegate session was held at the Kalabharathi Auditorium in Maddilapalem, which was named as Sujit Das Nagar in memory of the founder-general secretary of the federation. Delegates from all over the country participated in the conference.

South Korea’s New President Aims to Restore Calm in the Korean Peninsula

THE victory of Moon Jae-in, former trade unionist and human rights activist in South Korea's presidential polls with a large majority, is the first bit of refreshing news to come out of the Korean peninsula this year. The region has been witnessing political turmoil and military tensions since last year. The newly elected president had vowed on the campaign trail that his first priory would be to restore calm in the Korean peninsula.

Slanderous Campaigns Against Muslims and the Facts

“HUM paanch, Hamare pachees” - Narendra Modi himself mocked the Muslim community. The slogan ‘Hum do hamare do’ (we two, our two) implied a couple of wife and husband having two children. Modi meant that a Muslim man generally was having four wives, this counted to five and these five persons were having a total twenty-five children. The then chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi made this comment in 2002. In February of that year, we witnessed the carnage in Gujarat after Godhra incident.  The election was after few months.  In several places, he was delivering speeches at that time.

PUNJAB: CPI(M) Holds Two-Day Organisational Plenum

THE two day organisational plenum of Punjab state committee of CPI(M) was held at Bhakna Bhawan in Chandigarh on June 9-10, to review the Party Organisation in Punjab in the light of directions and guidelines of the Kolkata Plenum. 115 delegates participated in the plenum from all the districts of Punjab.

A presidium consisting of Vijay Misra (convenor), Raghunath Singh, Ram Singh Noorpuri, Bibi Subhash Mattoo and Gurdarshan Singh conducted the proceedings.

BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION FALL-OUT: A Government and State in Existential Crisis And the Roaring Return of Class Politics

IT will rank among the most calamitous of political blunders. The decision of British Prime Minister Theresa May to call a snap election to buttress her ‘hard’ bargaining stance in upcoming Brexit talks has blown up in her face, with consequences that continue to reverberate across the entire British state.

ANC on Decline? SACP Calls for Reconfiguration of Tripartite Alliance

THE African National Congress (ANC) is in a deep crisis and if the recent election results are any indicator, is in a real decline. This crisis naturally has a reflection on the South African governing tripartite alliance – ANC-SACP-COSATU. South African Communist Party (SACP) and Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), recently, have been openly expressing their dissatisfaction on ANC led government and called the ANC leadership responsible for deviating from the path of National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

KERALA: EMS Smrithi Held in Thrissur

THE 19th edition of EMS Smrithi was organised in Thrissur by COSTFORD on June 13-14. More than 1000 people participated as delegates in a total of eight sessions themed around “Relevance of the October Revolution and its Contemporary Reading”.  The programme is being organised since last 19 years to remember Comrade EMS Namboodiripad, chief minister of the first communist government in Kerala, on his birth anniversary.

KARNATAKA: ‘Shoot the farmers & Go on Fast – Mockery of Democracy” Says Yechury

INSTEAD of fulfilling the demands of farmers for implementing loan waiver and minimum support price of cost of crop plus 50 per cent, which have been promised by the BJP in its election manifesto, the state government led by the BJP in Madhya Pradesh shoots the farmers. Then the chief minister goes on a fast. Can there be any more shameful mockery of democracy, asked CPI(M) general secretary, Sitaram Yechury. He was speaking at “Save Constitution Deshpremi Convention” organised by CPI(M) Karnataka state committee in Mysore on June 11.

MAHARASHTRA: Farmers Wrest Historic Loan Waiver through United 10 Day Strike Struggle

IT was a historic struggle. And it culminated in an equally historic victory. It has already had its impact all over Maharashtra. And it will have its impact in the country.

On June 11, 2017, the farmers of Maharashtra at last won the hard-fought battle for a loan waiver after a ten day unprecedented strike struggle that began on June 1, supported by a massive Maharashtra Bandh on June 5. The first part of that battle has been recounted in these columns last week.



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