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TAMIL NADU: Huge Rally of CITU Demands Minimum Wage, Abolition of Contract System

THOUSANDS of workers from across Tamil Nadu took part in a rally in Chennai on April 4, demanding a curb on price rise, check on rising unemployment, abolition of the contract system and equal pay for equal work, an end to violence against women at work place, and a minimum wage of Rs 18,000, among others. The 13TH Tamil Nadu state conference of the CITU had given a clarion call to the working class to lay siege to the Fort St George, the state secretariat, over these long-pending demands of the people, particularly the workers.

BIHAR: Rising Miseries of the People

BJP has acquired the most aggressive posture and after Uttar Pradesh, Bihar is the next target, where it wants to expand its activities by fomenting communal trouble in different parts of the state. Nawadsh, Bhagalpur, Madhubani, Rohtas, Darbhanga have experienced such nefarious activities by the RSS and its affiliates but they have failed to ignite a fire.

Peerless Employees Hold Dharna against RBI’s Moves

THE All India Peerless Employees’ Union (AIPEU) of the Peerless General Finance and Investment Company Ltd, conducted a day long dharna programme at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on April 7, opposing the move taken by the Reserve Bank of India against the company. Hundreds of employees and their family members throughout the country participated in the dharna enthusiastically and shouted slogans against the move taken by RBI to close down the RNBC business of the company and urged the government to take over Peerless company.

Ruling Class Nationalism and Religion: A Counter to Rakesh Sinha

IN his article ‘Not an Imagined Community’ (Indian Express, April 22) the RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha claims that the Sangh’s conception of nationalism is not invented but is a historical fact which is based on culturally inclusive development of the Indian civilisation. This article (and especially its title) is a direct critique of the idea of the ‘nation’ as an ‘imagined’ political community which was potently described in Benedict Anderson’s seminal text ‘Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism’.

May Day, 1919

Below we publish Lenin’s speech delivered in Red Square on the May Day, 1919

LENIN’S appearance among the demonstrators was greeted with a lengthy ovation. After greeting the Moscow and world proletariat, Lenin compared the May Day celebrations of the previous year with the present celebrations. In the course of the year, he said, the political situation had changed considerably in favour of Soviet power. On May the First the year before they had been threatened by German imperialism, it had been routed and dispersed.

The Bloody Siege of Mosul

THE international focus is mainly on Syria following the American cruise missile attack on the country. The western media is full of stories about the alleged atrocities being committed by the Syrian government. The world's attention has been successfully deflected from the crimes being committed in Iraq by the United States in neighbouring Iraq as it struggles to subdue the Daesh (Islamic State) in Mosul.  The Iraqi military backed by the full power of the American air force and allied militias, is still struggling to completely liberate Iraq's second biggest city.


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