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Solidarity with Junaid’s Parents

AT a solemn and moving solidarity meeting at Junaid's home in the village of Khatawali on August 23, a CPI(M) delegation with Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat, Haryana state secretary Surinder Malik and others handed over two cheques of Rs Five lakhs each to Junaid's parents, Jalaluddin and Saira on behalf of the Kerala state committee of the CPI(M). This followed the meeting of the grieving parents with Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan last month when he was visiting Delhi.

ASHA Workers March to Parliament

OVER six thousand ASHA workers from 11 states marched from Ram Lila Maidan and collected at Jantar Mantar to submit around 50 lakh signatures on a memorandum to the central government. The signatures were of ASHA workers, facilitators and beneficiaries as well as the general public. 

The main demands were:

Ø To make the NHM a permanent programme of the government.

Ø No privatisation of the public health system.

Ø To improve infrastructure in all public health facilities.

Ø To increase the allocation for health to at least 6 per cent of the GDP.

AIDWA Welcomes Triple Talaq Judgment

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association has welcomed the majority judgement in “Shayara Bano v. Union of India and Ors” WP (C) No. 118/2016, in which the Supreme Court has held that triple talaq is arbitrary and un-constitutional. AIDWA, in a statement issued on August 22, has said that it always opposed the unilateral, arbitrary, irrevocable and instantaneous triple talaq, which has always adversely affected the lives of millions of Muslim women.

MAHARASHTRA: AIDWA Exhibition on Women Freedom Fighters Hailed

AIDWA pays its homage to one of its founders, Captain Laxmi Sehgal on July 23 to mark her death anniversary. This year, the period from July 23 to August 15 and beyond is being observed throughout the country with the poster exhibition about the life and work of prominent Left women freedom fighters and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for a free, democratic, secular and socialist India. The central executive committee of AIDWA has so far painstakingly compiled the contribution of more than 50 such women leaders from different states all over India.

Adani Import Fraud of 2014 and its Continuing Dividend

THE Adanis are again in the news, this time for importing transmission equipment from Japan, China and South Korea, hiking its price through an Adani intermediary in Dubai, and transferring the difference to the off-shore haven, Mauritius. According to the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), the foreign exchange illegally transferred to Mauritius, through a company controlled by Gautam Adani's brother Vinod Adani, was to the tune of Rs 1,500 crore.

Jammu and Kashmir: Deletion of Article 35-A will Threaten J&K’s Distinct Identity

SINCE Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution which confers some special privileges on the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir has become a very hot topic, we need to go back in history and trace the genesis of the present conspiracy which aims at the deletion of this provision. It is essential to note that the accession of J&K to the Indian Union was made under special circumstances and was distinct in comparison to other states.


What is the CPI(M)s stand on the recent guidelines issued by the Supreme Court with respect to filing of cases under Section 498A of the CrPc?  Is it not a fact that this section is used to harass innocent men and their family members? 

  Ramchandra Pathak, Lucknow


IN the concluding week of the monsoon session, there was a special discussion to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement in both the houses. In the Rajya Sabha, Sitaram Yechury said this was a very solemn occasion to recollect not only the history but also the purpose and what was it that made it a successful movement. Highlighting the role of the Communists in the freedom struggle, he said in the Cellular Jail today, eighty per cent of the names that are written there, are all Communists from Bengal or the undivided Punjab.


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