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World Capitalist Crisis Getting Accentuated

AT the last spring meeting of the IMF and the World Bank, Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, had confidently stated that the world economy was on the path of recovery, a view echoed by most official soothsayers of the system. And yet within days of Lagarde’s remark, fresh data showed that the US economy whose tentative recovery had been the cause of this optimism, was once more slowing down.

NSA's Hacking Tool in World's Biggest Malware Attack

LAST week, the world woke up to the largest cyber security threat ever, with a ransomware wannacry originating from NSA's cache of cyber weapons, infecting hundreds of thousands of computers. Computers in more than 150 countries have been infected by the ransomware, with the users locked out of their vital files and data. The criminal group behind wannacry want $300 in bitcoin as ransom, for releasing the files back to their users. The ransom note, displayed on the hacked machines, also say that the ransom will double if the victims do not pay up within three days.

Shabbirpur Victims Accompanied by CPI(M) Leaders Meet President

CPI(M) Polit Bureau members Brinda Karat and Subhashini Ali along with the affected dalit families from the Shabbirpur village in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh met the president of India on May 17, 2017, and handed over a memorandum.  The president gave the delegation a very sympathetic hearing and expressed his anguish.  He said that he would do whatever was in his power to ensure justice to the dalits of Shabbirpur.  The memorandum gives the details of the violence perpetrated on the dalits in the village.

The French Presidential Poll in Perspective-II Prospects for the Left

THE thorough-going economic and political crisis in which France is now enmeshed (outlined in part one of this article) has speeded up and intensified processes of change within the French Left. Older organisations, including those which once exercised hegemony on the Left, have seen their influence and membership curtailed and their strategies displaced. Their decline has been matched by the emergence of new forces with a diversity of structures, strategies and goals.

Venezuela under Siege and the Resistance

FOR the last six weeks, Venezuela is in the grip of violent protests organised by the opposition groups demanding the ouster of democratically elected president Nicholas Maduro. According to certain reports, 42 people have lost their lives in these protests. A substantial section of the mainstream media is blaming the Venezuelan government for the ongoing protests and violence. Many people around the world are genuinely worried after learning about the developments in Venezuela through the media.

WFTU Presidential Council Meeting in Havana

MAY Day in most of the capitalist countries is an occasion to remember the Chicago Hay Market martyrs and their struggle for eight hours work. It is a day to express solidarity with the workers all over the world who are still continuing their struggle on the same demand, over 130 years after the Hay Market episode. It is a day to affirm the determination of the working class to continue on the path of struggle, overcoming the depredations and oppressions of the ruling classes to achieve the ultimate goal of emancipation from all exploitation.

TELANGANA: Police Lathicharge on ‘Occupy Dharna Chowk’

PROTESTING against the decision of the TRS government to shift the dharna chowk near Indira Park to the outskirts of Hyderabad, the Left parties, including the CPI(M), and several mass organisations conducted a massive ‘Occupy Dharna Chowk’ on May 15.  The conspiracy of the ruling TRS to organise a counter-protest for shifting of the dharna chowk under the garb of local residents and walkers’ association, to portray it as a conflict between them and protestors against shifting of the dharna chowk, and the impropriety of giving permissions to different groups with mutually contradictory dema

Marxism Is the Pathfinder

A STRONG political alternative can only root out the capitalist system, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said at a seminar organised at the MB Vignana Kendram in Vijayawada on May 12 to mark the bicentennial birth anniversary of Karl Marx.

On the occasion, a Telegu translation of Karl Marx’s magnum opus ‘Das Kapital’ (Capital) was released by Yechury and CPI general secretary Suravaram Sudhakara Reddy.


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