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Marx and Capitalism

MARX’S contribution to the understanding of capitalism can be usefully seen through two profound insights that he had into this system. The first concerns the origin of surplus value. In a world of commodities where exchange between commodity-owners, among whom are also the workers, occurs voluntarily and at equivalence, without any swindle, how can surplus value arise?

Karl Marx and His Conception of History

THIS is the bicentenary year of the birth of Karl Marx; and the best way of observing it is to recall the teachings of that great man – and act according to them. A basic part of his thought was his conception of history; and for us in India, as for other people throughout the world, this is of living importance – a guide to how we should draw lessons from the entire past experience of mankind, and how, understanding the trend of movement of human societies, we should strive to shape our future.

New Defence Production Policy: Alice in Wonderland!

THE government recently announced a long-delayed Defence Production Policy (DPP 2018), coming after many years of continually updated defence procurement policies whose emphasis was on purchase of military hardware, invariably from foreign sources. These columns have long advocated the need for a defence production policy, with an emphasis on indigenous technology development and manufacturing, without which India would continue on the path of serial imports with consequent external dependence, security risk, and erosion of sovereignty.

How to Change the World

AS we observe the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx, one cannot but be struck by the innumerable times Marxism was declared dead or irrelevant after he had left the scene a hundred and thirty five years ago.  However, Marx and his thought, kept bouncing back to public attention.  This is because the ideas of Marx, concern social and historical change and that is something which cannot become anachronistic at any period of time. 

Inaugural Sessions’ Concluding Address

Below we publish the concluding address by Manik Sarkar, chairman of inaugural session

AT the outset I would like to thank and express our gratitude to the people of Telangana who have extended their whole hearted support to organize our Party Congress in this historic city of Hyderabad.

It is the constitutional mandate of our Party that after every three years we have to organize our Party Congress. Accordingly after Visakhapatnam we are meeting here for our 22nd Congress.

Inaugural Speech of the Party Congress

Below we reproduce the speech of Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) general secretary, at the inaugural session of the 22nd CPI(M) Congress, Mohd. Amin Nagar, Hyderabad, April 18, 2018

Dear Comrades and friends,

I thank all of you for accepting our invitation and joining us at this inaugural session of the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). I am pleased to see the presence of eminent public figures, veteran leaders of the people’s movements and leaders of different contingents of the people’s struggles here.


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