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SHABBIRPUR VIOLENCE: DSMM Delegation Meets NHRC Chairperson

A DEPUTATION consisting of three members of the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch – Nathu Prasad, Surinder and Subhashini Ali (ex MP) met the National Human Rights Commission chairperson and gave him a memorandum on the brutal attack on dalit families in Shabbirpur village in Uttar Pradesh on May 5.  Members of the DSMM have been visiting the village and also the injured in the district hospital several times since May 9. 

MAHARASHTRA : AIKS Leads Massive Whipcord Rally to State Agriculture Minister’s Residence

ON May 11, 2017, the Maharashtra Rajya Kisan Sabha (AIKS) held an ‘Aasood’ (Whipcord) state convention followed by an ‘Aasood’ state rally to the house of the BJP’s state agriculture minister Pandurang Fundkar at Khamgaon in Buldana district of Vidarbha region. Mahatma Jotirao Phule had written a celebrated book that was aptly called “Shetkaryacha Aasood” (Whipcord of the Farmer). It was from this that the AIKS coined the name.   

MAHARASHTRA: AIDWA State Meet Decides to Organise Tribal Women’s Survey

THE Maharashtra state committee of the All India Democratic Women’s Association held its meeting last month in the working class city of Solapur, amidst great enthusiasm. It was held in the wake of the recent municipal corporation elections, in which many women candidates of the AIDWA contested on the Left symbol and gave a tough fight.

A Simple Arithmetic

THE Modi government is completing three years in office amid much fanfare and propaganda about its achievements during this period. Aiding this propaganda is the advance estimate of GDP which projects a growth-rate of 7.11 per cent for 2016-17, a shade lower than last year’s 7.93 per cent, but apparently impressive nonetheless. Despite the fact that the chief statistician has clarified that these figures are based on data for only seven moths (April-October) of the current fiscal year, and that the effects of demonetisation are not captured by this figure, the hype goes on undeterred.

Alliance between the Workers and Exploited Peasants

An important feature of the October Revolution was the forging of a worker-peasant alliance.  Lenin had set out this strategic alliance as essential for the completion of the democratic revolution and for advancing towards socialism.  It is in keeping with this worker-peasant alliance that Lenin gave the slogan of the revolutionary dictatorship of the workers and peasants.

On the land question, the Bolshevik party programme called for “Nationalisation of all lands in the country, the land to be disposed off by the local Soviets of Agricultural Labourers and Peasant’s Deputies”. 

Defence Production: Perils of Privatisation

THE Modi government is set upon privatising defence production in the country. Both foreign and Indian private companies are being invited to enter defence production and the manufacture of hi-tech weaponary. This has serious implications for national sovereignty and the future course of the country.

The ministry of defence has finalised its new policy for defence production. It has decided to identify six Strategic Partners (SPs) from domestic Indian companies. These companies will partner foreign weapons manufacturers to build defence production enterprises in India.

TELANGANA: Comrade P Sundarayya Memorial Lecture Held in Hyderabad

THE 32nd death anniversary of the founder general secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Comrade P Sundarayya, was observed by the Party and several mass organisations in Telangana on May 19. Rich tributes were paid to Sundarayya, recollecting his contribution for building the Communist movement, strengthening the Party, mass organisations, conducting struggles of the people and ideological struggle.

West Bengal: Another Farce in the Name of Elections

THAT the opposition parties winning even one or two wards in municipal elections is ‘banned’ in West Bengal has been proved once again on May 14, when seven municipalities went to polls. As four of them were in the hills and paramilitary forces were deployed during polling, the voting there was peaceful. On the contrary, widespread violence was reported from all the three towns in the plains that went to vote – Pujali in the South 24-Parganas, Domkal in Murshidabad and Raiganj in the North Dinajpur.


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