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Peoples Democracy newsletter

Need for a United Front of Journos on Common Demands: NAJ

THE National Alliance of Journalists has called upon its members, to rally in unison  for a twofold alliance with professional journalists from the wide spectrum media, including the broadcast and social media and other unions aligning with it in a federative spirit. A six member steering committee has been constituted, with the NAJ and DUJ president SK Pande as convener and G Anjaneyulu, M Koteswara Rao and Sujata Madhok as co-conveners.

The broad contours of an action plan would be discussed at a working committee meeting in Delhi to be held this month.

Life and Work of Karl Marx – V: The New World Outlook

MEANWHILE, the reactionary Prussian government which had kept Marx’s activities in Paris under close observation from the first day on, succeeded in January 1845 in getting the French authorities to expel him. He was ordered to leave Paris within 24 hours, and to be out of France in the shortest possible time. When the liberal press protested against this outrageous act, the French Government offered to let him stay on in Paris if he withdraw from all anti-Prussian agitation. Marx’s answer was to leave France.

Award to Jio Institute is Surprising: SFI

In a statement issued on July 10, the Students Federation of India (SFI) central executive committee expressed surprise at the ministry of human resources decision to award Institute of Eminence to Jio Institute which has not even come into existence. The Jio institute which will be run by the Reliance Foundation is not an existing but will be operational only after 3 years. Such an award to a non-existing institution while all the public universities and institutions are rejected shows the attitude of the current government which target to dismantle the public education top down. 

Data-Manufacturing to Hoodwink the Public

THE latest product manufactured by the union government as a part of its Make in India campaign is the project of manufacturing data on the growth of jobs and enterprises. The trend was started by the prime minister himself in his much publicised interview in the Swarajya magazine. So what were the falsehoods perpetrated by Modi? First, it was said that 41 lakh formal jobs have been created between September 2017 and April 2018.

MSP Hike: Fraudulent Claims

The CPI(M)  Polit Bureau has issued the following  statement on July 5.

THE central government has made fraudulent claims that the announced hike in prices of the minimum support price (MSP) for paddy and other crops is fulfillment of the promise for implementation of the Swaminathan Commission recommendations. The Commission had recommended how the cost of production should be calculated and that the MSP should be fixed on this basis with a 50 per cent profit margin for farmers.

Trees, Cities and Economics

AT a time when the apologists of neoliberal economic reforms are celebrating World Bank’s declaration of India as the sixth biggest economy, two of the most important cities of our country – Delhi, the political capital and Mumbai, the financial capital are busy exposing the hollowness of such a growth. Successive neoliberal governments promoted cities as the engines of growth. For common people, the costs of such a growth are much higher than the accrued benefits.


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