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Gauri Lankesh Murder: Attempt to Silence Anti-Hindutva Crusader

SENIOR journalist, editor of an independent progressive weekly Gauri Lankesh was killed at her house in Bangalore, by unidentified gunmen. She was a vocal critic of the RSS-BJP and has spoken regularly against rising intolerance, through her weekly and through activism. Ironically she was also one of the main persons in the campaign to arrest the killers of Dr M M Kalburgi.

India at 70: From Non-Alignment to Strategic Partnership

JAWAHARLAL Nehru, the architect of India's independent foreign policy, had prioritised non-alignment and the solidarity with the developing world as the main guiding force. The nation was guided by this policy till the late 1980's. This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the historic Asian Relation Conference (ARC) hosted by India. The conference chaired by Nehru marked the arrival of India on the world stage. It was attended by many leaders from Asian countries which were on the verge of gaining independence.

North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb: Will it lead to Negotiations or Descend into a Dark Nuclear Void?

ON September 3, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – or North Korea, as it is usually called by the media – tested a hydrogen bomb, with a yield estimated to be around 120 kilotons, eight times the power of the Hiroshima bomb. This, combined with the recent ICBM tests that show North Korea can reach the western shores of the US with its missiles, is not just a game changer between the US and North Korea stand-off . It is virtually game over. The US has failed in its attempts to stop North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile programme.

Comrade Subodh Mehta

CONDOLING the passing away of Comrade Subodh Mehta, in a condolence message sent to the CPI(M) Gujarat state committee on September 1, Sitaram Yechury, general secretary, has said that Comrade Subodh Mehta has been a lifelong fighter for the cause of the exploited sections of our people and dedicated his energy for advancing the struggle for the establishing an exploitation free socialist society in India.

In his death, the Party has lost a steadfast fighter who remained uncompromisingly with the communist revolutionary cause and adherence.

SFI, DSMM Demand Review of NEET Exam

ON September 1, S Anitha, who was a petitioner against the centralised NEET examination, committed suicide. Condoling her death, the Students’ Federation of India in a statement issued on September 2, said that the 17-year old dalit girl Anitha, who has done exceptionally well in academics had scored 1176 marks out of 1200 in the plus two exams under the Tamil Nadu state board, but could score only 76 out of 700 in NEET. She prepared for the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) ignoring all hindrances.

Who is Responsible for the Economic Mess?

THE news about the economy has been continuously dismal in the past few days. All the data coming in shows that the economic slowdown has accelerated after demonetisation and the country is headed for a recession.

First came Volume II of the Economic Survey which presented a gloomy picture of the overall economy. The growth rate of real Gross Value Added was 6.6 per cent for 2016-17 compared to 7.9 per cent for the year 2015-16. The fourth quarter growth of GVA i.e., January to March this year was just 5.6 per cent.


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