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MAHARASHTRA: CPI(M) Holds State Class, Takes Decisions in Line with Plenum Directives

THE meetings of the CPI(M) Maharashtra state committee held on June 1 and July 2 took important decisions in line with the directives of its state plenum held in March 2017. The first meeting was attended by CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury and central secretariat member Nilotpal Basu.


Convention on Soviet Revolution Held in Gaya

A CONVENTION on ‘the Soviet Revolution and Effects of Neoliberalisation’ was organised in Gaya in Bihar on July 9. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat addressed the convention at the Hasrat Mohani Auditorium. He spoke on the background of the Russian revolution and its successes in the fields of education, food distribution, health care and eradication of unemployment. He explained how this socialist revolution heralded a new era in the history of mankind, by giving equal rights to women in society.

CITU Dharna across Andhra Pradesh Demanding Minimum Wage, Social Security

THOUSANDS of CITU cadre laid siege to district collectorates across Andhra Pradesh on July 3, demanding minimum wages and social security and opposing dilution of social welfare measures. The state government tried to suppress the agitation through all means. On the call of the CITU state committee, thousands of people took part in the ‘Sramikha Sankharavam’ movement.

Hundreds of CITU cadre, agricultural workers were taken into preventive custody and several hundred more were arrested across the state. The police action did not deter the workers.

ANDHRA PRADESH: Dalits Struggle for Self Respect

With the pressure exerted by the activities of the KVPS and Mahabharatha Hakkula Porata Committee, the district administration was forced to intervene and ensure that dalits are allowed participation in the conduct of Mahabharat festival. The district collector and superintendent of police had conducted many parlays with the upper caste people and the dalits that ultimately forced the upper castes to concede to the demands of the dalits.

AIKS Invites Logo Specimen for its National Conference

THE All India Kisan Sabha is holding its 34th all India conference at Hisar in Haryana from October 3-6, 2017. Formed in 1936 during the peasants struggle against British imperialism and feudal stranglehold, AIKS has achieved the status of the largest all India peasant organisation of India with 1.70 crore members today.  This achievement is a result of tumultuous struggles and many sacrifices made in the fight for land reforms, peasant worker unity, against depredations of the corporate exploitation and communal polarisation, in the more than eight decades of its glorious history.

“One Tax, One India”: The Gainers and Losers

THE launch of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime on the midnight of June 30, 2017 has been marketed by the Modi government as a big ticket reform that will benefit all stakeholders. In its media blitz to justify the measure, the government claims that the GST would “help to create a unified common national market for India, giving a boost to foreign investment and “Make in India” campaign” and reduce the overall burden of the indirect tax burden of the consumer.

Kisan Mukti Yatra Pays Homage to Mandsaur Martyrs

THE brutal events of May 5, 2017 will probably change the course of politics in Madhya Pradesh.  Five, mostly young, agitating farmers died on the spot of bullet wounds in Pipilyamandi town of Mandsaur district. One more succumbed to his injuries later on.  This act of unparalleled brutality – all those who died had been shot above their waists, a 17 year old was shot in the head in the police station – created shock waves across the state.

India-China: No Other Way, But Talks

THE standoff between India and China on the Doklam Plateau, adjoining the tri-junction between India, China and Bhutan is now a month-old. There have been periodical instances of disagreement on the border in the past years; but this time the Doklam issue has assumed more serious proportions. This is because of the deterioration in the overall relations between the two countries. 


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