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Neoliberalism and Trade Unions - I

Neoliberalism, the latest phase of capitalism was a response of the capitalist system to the crisis of the 1970s. It gained prominence since the 1980s when the USA and the UK started implementing neoliberalism by embarking upon a programme of economic restructuring. This was later imposed on the entire world through international financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank. By the 1990s, most of the countries across the world incorporated neoliberal policies as part of their programmes.

Stop Atrocities on Dalits in Saharanpur

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on May 24
THE CPI(M) strongly condemns the murderous attacks on dalits in Saharanpur which has resulted in a dalit youth being killed and many seriously injured. Certain upper caste elements sporting the colours of the Hindu Yuva Vahini launched these attacks on people returning from a meeting addressed by BSP leader Mayawati.

Organisational Workshop of SFI held in Lucknow

THE organisational workshop of Students’ Federation of India with the aim of developing organisation in the weak states was held in Lucknow from May 13-15. This was necessitated with the realisation in the Shimla and Vijayawada CEC meetings that our leading comrades in the weak states are still unequipped with the fundamental organisational skills and it is impossible to develop organisation in these states without taking on this aspect.

KERALA: Monk’s Genitals Chopped Off While Molesting a Woman

A SAFFRON clad swami very close to the BJP and the Sangh Parivar in Kerala faced an unusual act of retaliation while he was trying to rape a young woman aged 21.  The victim chopped off the genitals of the habitual rapist, Srihari alias Gangeshananda Theerthapaada who claims to be a part of an Ashram at Panmana in Kollam district. The Ashram was established by Chattambi Swami, the great reformist leader who died in 1924. Swami was admitted to a Medical College Hospital on May 20.

Karnataka Pranth Raith Sangh Conference Held Successfully

THE 16TH state conference of the Karnataka Pranth Raith Sangh (KPRS) was held successfully in Hubballi in northern Karnataka from April 25 to 27. The conference was kick-started with a public meeting and a march from the city railway station to the venue. The public meeting was addressed by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and AIKS general secretary Hannan Mollah, KPRS state president Maruthi Manpad, AIKS joint secretary Vijoo Krishnan, KPRS vice-president Sriram Reddy and KPAWU state president Nitynand Swami.

Erdogan Consolidates Hold on Power

THE whirlwind campaign launched by the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to further enhance his already wide ranging powers in April has narrowly succeeded. Turkey's Election Commission officially confirmed the win for the “yes” camp in the referendum on the new constitution. The Election Commission stated that 51.41 per cent of the electorate voted in favour of the amendments backed by the Turkish president and the ruling AK Party.

GUJARAT: Dalits Confront Vigilantes with Real Cause of Cows’ Deaths

HARASSED and beaten by the self-styled cow vigilantes for long, dalits of Gujarat have now confronted the ruling BJP with real cause of unnatural deaths of cattle.

 Through an innovative march, the dalits have pinpointed that more cows die due to eating plastics than at the slaughter houses.

 Taking the cue from the cow vigilantes who consider bovines as their ‘mother’, dalits have demanded that any one causing unnatural deaths of cows should be prosecuted for matricide under appropriate laws.

CPI(M) Greets 17th Congress of CPRF

Below is the text of the message of greetings sent by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) to the Communist Party of Russian Federation on May 21, on the occasion of its 17th Congress.

THE Communist Party of India (Marxist) extends its warm fraternal greetings to the 17th Congress of the Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF). We take this opportunity to greet the leadership and all the members of the Party and express our heartfelt solidarity.

MARCH TO NABANNA IN WEST BENGAL: Brutality, Challenged by Courage of the People

NEARLY one thousand people suffered injuries, scores of them severely in brutal police attack on the Left activists in West Bengal on May 22. But the real headline of the bloodied day was the determined fight of people against an authoritarian government. The twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah reverberated with the struggling ethos of the people.   


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