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AIDWA MEET: Increase Live Mass Contact with Women, Launch Struggles on Burning Issues

THE first central executive committee (CEC) meeting of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) after the 11th all India conference at Bhopal was held on March 21-23 in Delhi. It was very well attended, with 79 out of 99 CEC members and six out of 12 special invitees from all the 22 states where AIDWA is present. A central secretariat meeting was held prior to the CEC on March 21. The CEC meeting was marked by lively interactions and a unified team spirit.

Finance Bill Anti-constitutional, Modi Govt Undermining Parliamentary Democracy: Yechury

Following is an edited excerpt of CPI(M) Leader in the Rajya Sabha Sitaram Yechury’s speech on the Finance Bill, 2017:  

I am extremely worried about this discussion because I do not think this is really the Finance Bill. As somebody had said, this is a financial bully, not a Bill, that has been brought about by the government and passed in an extreme hurry in the other House (the Lok Sabha).

UTTAR PRADESH: Farming Communities, Meat Trade & Tannery Industry Face Attack

INDIA is one of the largest meat producers and meat exporters of the world.  The most populous state of the country, Uttar Pradesh, is responsible for about 60 percent of this trade.  In the last two years, due to the vigilantism of  ‘cow protection groups’ and the fear they generated, the trade, farming communities and the tannery industry have all been adversely affected.


THIS week Parliament mainly had discussions on various important Bills. On the first day, the Rajya Sabha discussed the Finance Bill. The government has come under heavy criticism from the opposition for some of the alterations made to the Finance Bill. Being a Money Bill, the Lok Sabha, where the BJP has a majority, can choose to accept or reject the changes proposed by the Upper House to the Finance Bill. The opposition leaders claimed that it was an attempt to push through far-reaching, non-financial changes bypassing the Rajya Sabha.

SKS Haryana Holds March to Assembly

AT the call of Sarv Karamchari Sangh Haryana, about 15 thousand employees of the state marched to the assembly on March 7. SKS Haryana has been continuously fighting for demands of employees and against outsourcing and privatisation policies of the state government. The BJP government is not only indifferent to the demands but it is suppressing the rights of employees and people.

UP: Government Must Stop These Attacks1

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on March 24:

THE Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns the atrocious attacks that have been mounted on the minority community in the state of Uttar Pradesh since Adityanath assumed office as chief minister. In the name of closing down illegal slaughter houses, the UP government is targeting all slaughter houses on the specious plea of controlling illegal trade of cow meat. There have been instances of wide spread attacks on meat shops in various parts of the state.


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