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Core Issues of GST

POST demonetisation, an RBI study noted sharp fall in the sales and earnings of small companies with a turnover of less than Rs 25 crores. They had a fall of 57.6 per cent in sales and 122.3 per cent in EBIDTA (earnings before interest depreciation, taxation and amortisation) for the quarter ending March 2017; while big corporates with turnover of Rs 1,000 crore and above had 9.5 per cent rise in sales and 2.1 per cent increase in EBIDTA for the same period, reported Indian Express on August 27, 2017.  

TRIPURA: CPI(M) Campaign Evokes Good Response

AT the call of the Central Committee, CPI(M) Tripura state committee launched a campaign programme from August 15-31, on the six-point urgent and burning demands of the people. The demands include: immediate revision of GST rates to curb price hike to a tolerable limit, ensure loan waiver for the distressed peasants, provide minimum support price for the agricultural produce, implement electoral promise of creating two crore jobs for the unemployed, no privatisation of the public sector and immediate passage of the women’s reservation bill in the next session of the parliament.

TAMIL NADU: Launch of People’s Forum in Coimbatore City

SINCE 1986, Coimbatore city in the state of Tamil Nadu has been witnessing communal disturbances of varying degrees.  But, they involved neither rioting nor looting. After the demolition of Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992, violence erupted in the city.  Nevertheless, the situation was then contained without any further flare-up.  But, in November and December 1997, following the murder of a traffic policeman, the premier industrial city witnessed a communal conflagration unprecedented in its history.

Sept 1 Observed as World Peace & Anti-imperialist Day

THE Central Committee gave a call to observe September 1 as the world peace and anti-imperialist day. With the BJP led NDA government assuming power, Indian foreign policy witnessed a distinct shift. The surrender of the Modi government to US imperialism has reduced India into a junior strategic ally of US imperialism. This policy shift is detrimental to the interests of our country and should be resisted. The following points have been highlighted during the campaign.

PUDUCHERRY: Forum for Social Harmony Mobilises Against Communal Onslaught

THE environment of politics and culture is undergoing a major transformation in Indian society and its impact is reflected in Puducherry also. The minorities, the downtrodden and the working classes are continuously being threatened and getting affected. In this context, a Forum for Social Harmony-Puducherry  for uniting all the progressive mass organisations, trade unions, Confederation of government employees associations, civil society organisations, was launched in Puducherry.

Draft Pharmaceutical Policy: Directionless and Inadequate

THE Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) has recently circulated a draft Pharmaceutical Policy. The broad ambitions outlined in the policy are unexceptionable, and include:

1.  Making essential drugs accessible at affordable prices to the common masses;

2.  Providing a longer term stable policy environment for the pharmaceutical sector;

3.  Making India sufficiently self-reliant in end-to-end indigenous drug manufacturing;

4.  Ensuring world class quality of drugs for domestic consumption and exports;


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