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Peoples Democracy newsletter

Science Wars to Climate Change Denial: Post Modernism and its Consequences

MOST of those who led the charge against science explaining nature, are now surprised that climate-change deniers have stolen their theme song. Immersed in the assault on science, this group of thinkers simply “overlooked” the long term damage that they were doing to any issue on which scientific evidence would matter to society. If all that scientists say is based on merely groupthink, why should climate scientists “groupthink” be privileged over those of oil and coal companies?

Neo-liberal Capitalism and its Crisis

“NEO-liberal capitalism” is the term used to describe the phase of capitalism where restrictions on the global flows of commodities and capital, including capital in the form of finance, have been substantially removed. Since such removal happens under pressure from globally-mobile (or international) finance capital, neo-liberal capitalism is characterised by the hegemony of international finance capital, with which the big capitals in particular countries get integrated, and which ensures that a common set of “neo-liberal” policies are pursued by all countries across the globe.

Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan Stages Protests

THE Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan, a national platform of mass, class and social organisations, movements and progressive individuals, organised marches across the country on October 30 to defend the democratic fabric of the country and for the rights of the people.

The nationwide protest, ‘Jan Ekta Mashaal’ (Torchlight of People's Unity), was in support of the growing struggles of different sections of the people against the neo-liberal imperialist economic policies of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation and the communal, divisive politics of hate and violence.

Dalits of Tripura Resolve to Form 8th Left Front Govt

THE struggling left and democratic masses of Tripura must not let their guard down after the formation of the Left Front government in the state for an 8TH term in the ensuing election, but they must continue their struggle to enthuse the people of the country in forming a pro-people alternative government in Delhi in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar told a mammoth rally called by the Scheduled Caste Coordination Committee in Agartala on October 29.  

Deteriorating Law & Order Punctures Nitish Kumar’s Good Governance Claim

A spate of crimes perpetrated against the oppressed, Dalits and women in several districts of Bihar has put a question mark on the ability of the Nitish Kumar government to tackle the ever-increasing attacks aided by the old- and neo-feudal elements who rule the hinterland and are the pillars of political support to the present dispensation.

October Revolution: A Lodestar for Intensifying Class Struggles in Today’s Conditions

NOVEMBER 7, 2017 will see the culmination of the year-long commemoration of the centenary of the great October Socialist revolution as decided by the CPI(M)’s 21st Congress. During this year, the Party at all levels has conducted political, ideological and cultural activities highlighting the achievements of socialism, its contributions in shaping the history of the 20th century and the irreversible imprint it has had on the future human civilisational advance. 


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