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Massive Protest in West Bengal: District Headquarters Seized for Hours despite Police Attack

THOUSANDS of people joined in massive protest demonstrations at district headquarters in West Bengal on September 11, at the call of the Left Front. The protest took a militant turn and the protestors battled with police in many districts. The demands of the protest included remunerative price for the peasants, digital ration cards for all, equal pay for equal work, opening of closed factories etc. Restoration of democracy, end to boundless corruption in panchayats and municipalities, defence of unity of the people were issues that reverberated in these rallies.

Kulgam Moving Ahead despite Odds

THE CPI(M) has been staunchly defending the people’s rights in Kashmir Valley -- combating the designs of secessionist elements and fighting the police and military excesses. Though a small political player in Jammu and Kashmir, with just one MLA, the party has suffered immensely at the hand of terrorists. Nearly 50 comrades have lost their lives, but not one from the BJP, the party that sings the rhetoric of nationalism.

Historic Struggle of Farmers in Rajasthan

THE peasantry in Rajasthan under the Kisan Sabha banner have won a significant victory after their resolute struggle lasting 13 days. Since September 1, lakhs of farmers gheraoed the different district headquarters on the call of Rajasthan Kisan Sabha for a Mahapadav (sit-in). For three days there was also rasta roko (road blockade) across the state bringing about 20 districts to a standstill. Only ambulances and essential services functioned. The peasant movement received unprecedented support from all sections of the society making it a truly people's movement.

Landslide Victory of United Left Panel in JNUSU Elections

THE students of Jawaharlal Nehru University gave a decisive mandate to the United Left Panel of SFI-AISA-DSF in the recently concluded student union elections. This victory comes after a year of relentless struggles by the outgoing union led by SFI and AISA. The ABVP finished a distant second on all the four posts. The ABVP couldn’t even manage to win a single councilor post on its own. The United Left (AISA-SFI-DSF) won all four central panel seats and 13 councilor posts across SSS, SIS and SLL and CS.

Make ‘Delhi Chalo’ Programme from Nov 9-11 a Grand Success: CWFI

THE Construction Workers Federation of India (CWFI) has given a call to make the November 9-11‘Delhi Chalo’ programme of central trade unions and federations a grand success and ensure maximum participation of construction workers in it.  

The CWFI all India working committee, at its 60th meeting held in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh on August 29-30, also decided to take up the issues of ban on sand and black stone mining, and disbursal of construction workers’ welfare fund. The meeting was presided over by CWFI president R Singaravelu, Malathi Chittibabu and N Veeraswamy.

GUJARAT: Condolence Meeting for Comrade Subodh Mehta

COMRADE Subodh Mehta, veteran leader of CITU and CPI(M) Gujarat committee, passed away on September 1, at Bhavnagar at the age of 90 Years. He was the icon of various movements in Gujarat. He fought many battles for the people of Gujarat. During Maha Gujarat movement, he had played an important role with Lt. Shri Indulal Yagnik. On September 2, his body was kept at the CITU office in Bhavnagar. Thousands of people paid tributes to Subodh Mehta. Shaktisinh Gohel, national leader of Congress also visited the place.

TAMIL NADU: Caste as the Menace

ON August 29, at 10 pm, K Swaminathan, vice-president, SZIEF (AIIEA) called and asked me to free myself the next day to visit Nallur village near Thirukazhukundram.  Imparting the immediate necessity and urgency, he informed that the entire village was attacked by casteist forces when Vinayaka Chathurthi was celebrated by the dalits in that village. Accordingly, Uma Maheswari, Abinava Vidyatheerthan and myself (General Insurance, AIIEA) accompanied him to Nallur village.

Cut Petrol and Diesel Prices

THE retail prices of petrol and diesel have reached a new high in the past few days.  The price of petrol per litre is ranging from Rs 70 to 79 in various cities, making it an average of Rs 74 per litre.  The price of diesel is around Rs 61-62 per litre.  Ever since the daily price revision was introduced, the price of petrol has gone up by over Rs 6.17 per litre since July 1.

Expulsion from Party

RITABRATA Banerjee, member of the West Bengal state committee of the Party, who was earlier facing disciplinary action, has been summarily expelled for grave anti-Party activities.  This decision was taken unanimously by the West Bengal state secretariat, at its meeting held on September 13, 2017, under Article 19 (13) of the Constitution.

TAMIL NADU: Widespread Protests against the Central & State Governments

THE political situation in Tamil Nadu is currently characterised by massive protests against the central and state governments on a number of issues facing the people including the agrarian crisis, economic stagnation following demonetisation and GST introduction and the question of exempting the state from the NEET process. There have also been militant working class struggles, with an indefinite strike of more than a million government employees and teachers at all levels slated to commence on September 7.


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