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CITU Working Committee Meeting, Shimla: Resolution on GST

THE working committee meeting of CITU, held from July 14-16, at Shimla notes with serious concern the grievous impact of the GST launched by the government of India with much fanfare on July 1, 2017. The GST has adversely impacted the common people at large, particularly the workers in the unorganised sector, people engaged in small and decentralised manufacturing like tailoring, garments, textile, beedi, small drug manufacturing, construction, matches and fireworks and passenger and goods transport etc and also small traders. Even the insurance premium is not spared from high taxation.

Roads of Battle Greet G-20 Summit

THE recent protests that welcomed the G20 Summit are a reflection of the brewing discontent against the continuing global economic crisis. With their future at stake, young people constituting the majority of the protesters led the way in expressing dissent. They stood up bravely to police brutality. Creativity was on wide display during all the days of protest before and during the Summit.

AIDWA Calls for Movement on Mass Issues Concerning Women

THE AIDWA central executive committee (CEC) meeting held on June 30-July 1-2, 2017 in Bengaluru took several important decisions to take forward the movement on mass issues concerning women. 75 out of 99 CEC members and 8 out of 12 special invitees from all states attended this meeting. The central secretariat meeting was held prior to the CEC.

The AIDWA Karnataka state committee had made excellent arrangements. The seminars ‘On Nationalism’ and ‘Breaking Stereotypes, Building Alternatives’ were a grand success.

Artists Condemn CBFC’s Censorship

EXPRESSING shock and anger at the recent Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC) demand that certain words be excised from a film based on the work of the Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen, many academics, artists and cultural activists issued a statement on July 13, condemning this censorship. The movie is titled after Sen’s 2005 work, The Argumentative Indian, which was widely acknowledged for its deep and authentic explorations of India’s traditions of public debate.

West Bengal: Another Round of Study Circle

A TWO day study circle on Party Constitution and Organisation will be organiSed in West Bengal on August 5-6. All CPI(M) branches will hold this study circle on those two days throughout the state. This will be a follow up to the first of this kind held on March 19, on Party Programme. The unique experiment in March created an enthusiasm among the Party cadres and there was a demand for more such initiatives at Party education.

Fourteenth Congress of the SACP Held Successfully

THE 14th Congress of the South African Communist Party (SACP) held in Birchwood Conference Centre, Ekurhuleni, near Pretoria from July 10-15, 2017 was a resounding success.  The key slogan was: `Defend, Advance, Deepen the National Democratic Revolution and the Vanguard Role of the SACP’.  The key task focused by the party was to anchor its medium term strategic outlook around driving a second and more radical phase of the transition in the country with the demonopolisation of the economy of South Africa. 


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