Turkey’s Failed Coup

THE ‘failed’ coup of July 15-16 in Turkey is now over. Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has consolidated power – becoming even more powerful than before. He has ordered the arrest not only of over six thousand military and judicial figures, whom he has blamed for the coup but also thousands of teachers and professors as well as journalists who have been in the sights of the ruling party. Rumors abound: who is responsible for the coup? Erdoğan persists with the view that the culprit is the US-based Islamic scholar Fetullah Gülen. He wants him to be extradited to Turkey.

Modi's Foreign Policy: Westward Ho!

Two years after Prime Minster Narendra Modi took over, India's foreign policy has significantly changed its contours. Without taking parliament and Indian public opinion into confidence, the Modi government has gone ahead and virtually changed the country's traditional non-aligned status. The pro-western tilt that had started during the earlier NDA and UPA regimes has become even more pronounced in the last two years, despite India being a member of groupings like BRICS and IBSA. So much so that the Obama administration now wants India to be given the exalted status of a non-NATO ally.

Struggle in Labour Party: Defending Corbyn

NOW that enough time has passed with Britain voting to leave the European Union (EU) without any major catastrophe occurring (frankly, should we even be surprised that a former imperial power still thinks that squabbles between its cabinet members and parliamentary backbenchers would lead to the end of the world, ‘as we know it’?), it may be a good time to think about what ‘Brexit’ means for political action, especially on the Left. The result of the British referendum should have hardly been surprising.

Terror in Dhaka

BLOODLETTING has become an almost every day reality for us in the recent times.  Violence and mayhem have blotted the landscape.  Extremist violence, has been running asunder. In most of these, the Islamic State (IS) has been claiming ‘credit’ for the gruesome killings and destruction.  In the last few days, this painful sequence started with the huge violence in the Istanbul Airport.  Then came Gulshan in Dhaka; finally the biggest in a Baghdad market which resulted in the largest number of casualties since many years. 

Venezuela: The Next Target

FRESH after their success in implementing regime change in Brazil through patently undemocratic means, the right wing in Latin America, aided and abetted by their allies in Washington, have now set their sights on Venezuela. The mainstream newspapers in the United States are busy writing the obituary of the Left in the American continent. An electoral setback for the Left in Argentina, where the Peronists lost the presidency by a narrow margin earlier in the year, was welcomed as great news in the West.

On Brexit Reactions



On the victory of the exit from the European Union

In the referendum held in the United Kingdom


The following is the press release issued by the Portuguese Communist Party

THE victory of the exit from the European Union in the referendum held in the United Kingdom is an event of tremendous political magnitude for the people of the United Kingdom and also for the peoples of Europe.

Afghanistan: Beginning of a New Bloody Chapter

THE assassination of the Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour by an armed drone dispatched on the express orders of the American president, seems to have quashed all hopes of Afghan peace talks reviving in the near future. Mansour was killed along with the driver of the taxi car they were traveling on a highway in a remote part of Pakistan's Balochistan province. Though the car along with its occupants was charred beyond recognition, the passport which Mansour was carrying was found intact and displayed to international media.

Philippines: Strong Man Emerges

THE Philippines, long used to dynastic politics, has for a change elected as president a grassroots politician, Rodrigo Duterte from Mindanao. The two previous occupants of the Malacanang Presidential Palace, Gloria Macapagal and Benigno Aquino, were children of former presidents. The candidate who stood second in the elections, Mar Roxas, is also the son of a former president of the Phillipines. Rodrigo Duterte, the tough talking long serving mayor of Davao City, who will be the new president of the Philippines rose from a much humbler environment.

Another Self Goal: Modi Government and China

THE Modi government it seems revels in scoring self goals while conducting diplomacy with its immediate neighbours. First it was the “red line” it had drawn with Pakistan on the issue of its diplomats holding consultations with representatives of Kashmir's Hurriyat Conference. Then the government decided that it was in the country's national interests that a de facto economic blockade be slapped on Nepal on the Madhesi issue. It has been riling the biggest neighbour China in many different ways.


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