Conscience Keepers (sic!) A Sant, a Judge and an Editor

THIS is about three stories – of a sant, a judge and an editor. The Sant is a jnani who attains moksha and shows the path to God; the Judge, who, according to George Mikes, has a 'God complex' and the third and the most important one is about an editor who considers himself as 'one who can make or break a God'. Though all three seem to be related with God, God is not our concern here. They are.

STFI Collects One Crore Signatures ON WOMEN’S ISSUES

K Rajendran

ON November 18, leaders of the School Teachers’ Federation of India (STFI) met the president of India to submit one crore signatures in support of women teachers, girl children and women’s demands. The delegation was led by STFI president Abhijit Mukharjee and included its general secretary K Rajendran, treasurer C N Bharti, vice president T Ganesan, and secretaries Utpal Ray, Swapan Pal and Sima Dutta.

DYFI Condemns Actress’ Character Assassination

THROUGH a statement issued from New Delhi on November 4, 2013, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) protested in the strongest possible words the character assassination against Ms Shweta Menon, a film actress from Kerala, by Congress leaders after she lodged a complaint against a Congress MP, N Peetambara Kurup, for molesting her in public during the inauguration ceremony of president’s boat race at Kollam, Kerala.


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