June 28, 2013

AIAWU Condemns Bengal Murder

THE All India Agricultural Workers Union (AIAWU) has condemned the blatant attempts in the last few days of Trinamul Congress leaders, and of the gangs of armed hoodlums on motorcycles led by them, to terrorise the peasants engaged in contesting in the panchayat elections in West Bengal. The AIAWU press release on June 16 in this regard said the latest in the series of these attacks is the murder of Comrade Bhasker Majumdar, a 53 years old CPI(M) activist, and serious injuries caused to two others at Lobagram village in Birbhum district on Saturday, June 15. This happened because they gave shelter to the helpless poor people fleeing from the attack that resulted after the two Left Front candidates there --- Manai Das and Pradip Badgi --- refused to withdraw their names from the polls despite continued threats and intimidations. Their resistance and that of the people to such gangsterism enraged the TMC hoodlums who burnt and ransacked about 200 huts and molested several women living there. TMC leaders and their gangs also kidnapped three people who they were forced to release because of popular pressure. When even these tactics failed, a gang of 150 armed riders on 90 motorcycles murdered Comrade Majumdar and wounded two of his comrades seriously. The AIAWU has demanded firm police action against these murderous gangs of the TMC, and also asked the state election commission to take action against these violent gangs and ensure their arrest so that free and fair panchayat elections could be held in West Bengal.