Ufa meeting: Take the Process Forward

THE BJP government is caught between its own aggressive postures and the contradictory realities as far as Pakistan is concerned. This is what has emerged from the episode of the joint statement issued after the prime ministers of India and Pakistan met at Ufa in Russia on July 10 and the events thereafter. The Ufa statement signaled the resumption of talks between the two countries. The joint statement talked of the resolve of both sides to discuss all outstanding issues.

Betrayal of Hope in Greece

PRIME Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza-led government of Greece have abjectly capitulated to the diktats of the Eurozone-IMF bosses. This is a tragedy for the Greek people. The formation of the Syriza government had raised hopes that the hateful austerity measures imposed by Troika, consisting of the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund, would be ended and national sovereignty defended. These hopes have been cruelly dashed in the short space of six months.

Vyapam: the Killer Scam

THE Vyapam scandal in Madhya Pradesh has reached alarming proportions with the spate of deaths of persons accused in the scam or those who were beneficiaries of the racket. The Vyavasik Pariksha Mandal (Vyapam) is the Professional Examination Board. It conducts examinations for admissions to higher education and recruitment for government services.

Spreading Stain of Corruption

THE stain of corruption, nepotism and crony capitalism is enveloping the Modi government and the BJP state governments. Narendra Modi and the BJP had made the massive corruption under the UPA government their main plank in the Lok Sabha election campaign. Narendra Modi had promised to put an end to the loot and corruption under Congress rule. After the completion of one year of the BJP government, speaking at a rally in Mathura district, Modi claimed that he had not guaranteed acche din for those who looted the nation; for them it was bure din.

A Creeping Authoritarianism

JUNE 25 marked the 40th anniversary of the internal emergency which lasted for 19 months. The imposition of emergency was an infamous and dark chapter in the history of post-independent India. Indira Gandhi, who had won a huge majority in the 1971 Lok Sabha election, was faced with rising popular discontent which erupted in the form of various mass movements such as the Nav Nirman movement in Gujarat and the JP movement. This period also saw the biggest working class struggle in the form of the railway strike in May 1974 involving 17 lakh workers.

Lalit Modi and BJP: Cosy Nexus

THE Modi government is faced with a major scandal concerning the Lalit Modi affair. What this episode reveals is serious impropriety on the part of a senior minister in the cabinet, the cosy nexus of crony capitalism and the typical response of a government which wants to deny and cover up the whole affair.

A Small Victory

THE ban on the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC) at the IIT Madras and the subsequent lifting of the ban has exposed the intolerance and hypocrisy of the BJP government at the centre.  This episode has come at a time when the RSS and the BJP are trying to appropriate the legacy of Dr B R Ambedkar utilising the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of this illustrious leader.   In order to do so, they are falsifying history and facts to show that Dr Ambedkar was a supporter of Hindutva and an admirer of the RSS.

Brazen Assault on States’ Rights

THE manner in which the central government headed by Narendra Modi is assaulting the rights of an elected state government is truly brazen.  For the past few weeks, the lieutenant governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung, has been taking one arbitrary decision after another bypassing the chief minister and the council of ministers.  The Lt. Governor has been indulging in this unconstitutional and undemocratic behaviour at the behest of the Modi government and the home ministry.

Abandoning Palestine for Israel

THE External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Israel at a mutually agreed date. This will be the first time an Indian prime minister visits Israel. The significance of such a visit would be that the close strategic relationship existing between the two countries will be given an official stamp. As some commentators have put in, Indo-Israeli relations will be “coming out of the closet”.

Propaganda Can Never Fill Stomachs

THE official celebrations of this BJP-led NDA government’s completion of one year have begun, Prime Minister Modi launched the celebrations amidst a flurry of media blitz from Mathura. The BJP has announced the holding of 200 public meetings across the country. All union ministers, we are told, are to hold at least three public meetings and three press conferences each, ie, over 200 public meetings and 200 press conferences across the country. This may be in addition to the 200 public meetings other RSS/BJP leaders may hold.


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