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Central Trade Unions Congratulate Defense Employees

THE Central Trade Unions (CTUs) – INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, AICCTU, LPF, UTUC, in a statement issued on August 23, have congratulated the defense employees for the successful strike from August 20 in  all the industrial, non-industrial (clerical, office staff) defense production units. Junior officers, charge hands have walked out of 41 ordnance factories (OF). The strike was against the Modi government’s plans to corporatise and then to privatise the ordnance factories. This move of the government will put national security at risk and hence is anti-national.

Defence Employees’ Historic Strike

82,000 defence employees working in the 41 ordnance factories of our country started one month strike on August 20. More than 40,000 contract workers have also joined the strike. The strike started as scheduled at 6 o’clock in the morning on August 20, 2019, despite the threats by the government. The defence employees have only one demand – ‘Withdraw the unilateral decision taken to corporatise the ordnance factories in violation of the agreement and assurances given by the government of India’.

‘We are Workers. We Build the Nation. We Protect the Nation. We Have Been. We Always Will’

THIS was the slogan of the CITU general council that was held in Hassan in Karnataka on August 7-10, 2019. The general council called upon all its affiliated unions and committees to display this slogan prominently during the night long ‘jagaran’ that will be held on the night of August 14, on the eve of the Independence Day.

Working Class Denounces Anti-Labour Reforms of BJP Govt

WORKING class across the country held protest demonstrations on August 2, 2019 at the call of the joint trade union platform demanding reversal of the anti- worker ‘reforms’ of the labour laws.

It is to be recalled that soon after coming to power in the recent parliament elections, the BJP government declared its intention to hasten the so-called ‘reforms’ process. Disinvestment, labour law amendments and land acquisition to form land banks were its priorities.

Privatisation of NTPC Suicidal, say Trade Unions

THE Central Trade Unions (CTUs), in its meeting held at New Delhi on August 2,  expressed deep concern at the decision of the central government to divest further 10 per cent equity in the National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) through Offer for Sale (OFS) route. The present shareholding pattern of NTPC is 56.41 per cent with the company and 43.59 per cent with market players.

Code on Wages Bill – Modi Govt’s Return Gift to Corporates

THE Narendra Modi government has brought the Code on Wages Bill as a payback to the bourgeoisie, both domestic and foreign, who had helped him retain power for a second term with an improved majority in the recent parliamentary election. The Bill, which seeks to replace four wage-related legislations on the pretext of “simplification” and “rationalisation”, was introduced in Lok Sabha on July 23 and passed on July 30.

Malnutrition Still Remains Untackled as 157 Children Succumb to Encephalitis

IN 2017, it was Gorakhpur where 63 children died in 72 hours due to lack of oxygen supply in a government hospital and in 2019, it is Muzaffarpur where 157 children died in a month due to encephalitis. This is our ‘achievement’ for our children after 72 years of our independence. In a few days or months, the outcry on these deaths will die down and the headlines, interviews and stories will find new topics.

BSNL Clears Confusion Created on its Survival

THE BSNL Employees Union (BSNLEU) has issued a press statement on June 26, seeking to clear certain confusions created by the letter dated June 17, 2019, written by the BSNL management to the department of telecommunications. In that letter, the BSNL management has stated that the company’s financial position was critical and that payment of salaries to the employees for the month of June 2019, as well as continuing with the operations of the company, would be difficult, without immediate infusion of adequate liquidity.


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