Thinking Together

Thinking Together

Q: Why CPI(M) did not participate in Patna anti-BJP rally on August 27, whereas almost all anti-BJP parties including Left parties like CPI and RSP were present?


Asok Majumdar


The rally in Patna on August 27 organised by Lalu Prasad Yadav and the RJD was meant to be a display of opposition unity. It was held to reiterate the call for mahagatbhandan against the BJP at the national level.


What is the CPI(M)s stand on the recent guidelines issued by the Supreme Court with respect to filing of cases under Section 498A of the CrPc?  Is it not a fact that this section is used to harass innocent men and their family members? 

  Ramchandra Pathak, Lucknow

Thinking Together

Q. What is the CPI(M)’s basic stand on GST?

                                        Sarvartrik Brahma, Kolkata

THE Central Committee of the CPI(M) in its meeting held from July 24 to 26, 2017 has adopted a resolution on Goods & Services Tax, which sets out its basic stand on GST. Earlier the Party had in a piecemeal fashion reacted to some aspects of GST particularly of how the GST would affect state governments and their rights.

Thinking Together

Q: Prabhat Patnaik in his column in the Peoples’ Democracy (Vol. XLI No. 19) wrote: “As Trumpism, and the ultra-Right in general, comes a cropper, since it does not face the basic issue of the hegemony of finance, and as the Left acquires greater clarity on the need for delinking from globalisation in the event of the hegemony of finance continuing to persist, the bankruptcy of the “liberal bourgeois” position will drive more and more working people into supporting the Left.

Thinking together


Q.  High Court justice Karnan has been sentenced to six months in prison by the Supreme Court for contempt of court. Is this punishment justified? What is the stand of the CPI(M)?

G Ramesh, Chennai


Thinking Together

These days, when I view the electronic media and when I come across many of my fellow comrades, I get the impression that we have failed to impress the common people and raise their basic problems.   Have we become merely a force which reacts to developments?

S Baruah

The issue you have raised has many aspects.

Thinking Together

Q: The BJP government has announced a loan waiver for marginal and small farmers up to Rs One lakh.  What is the CPI(M) stand on waiver of farmers’ loans? Can it be justified for all farmers?

 S Manickam



Thinking Together

Why is the CPI(M) so biased towards Muslims and Islamic fundamentalism, ignoring and criticising the sentiments of Hindus and their thousands year-old culture?


Sagarneel Sinha, Kailashahar, Tripura


The question itself reveals a biased opinion of how the CPI(M) views Hindus and Muslims and their respective religions.

Let us take the issue step by step. 

Thinking Together

Q. As per the Party Programme what are the major contradictions at the present stage of the revolution and which is the main contradiction?

Chandan Biswas, Burdwan, West Bengal

Ans. The three main contradictions that exist in Indian society are:


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