Triple Talaq bill smacks of communal polarisation, than equality for Muslim women

MOHAMMAD Salim, Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha termed the triple talaq bill as unnecessary and inappropriate. Participating in the discussion on December 27 he said exactly a year ago we had discussed about this issue and we had opposed it even at that time. In the Rajya Sabha a committee was formed but the report is still awaited; then you brought in an ordinance. This shows how parliamentary democracy is functioning under your regime; all with desperation.

Implement the Law to Protect the Country

Mohd Salim while speaking on the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha

On July 20, there was discussion in the Lok Sabha on the no-confidence motion. Participating in the discussion Mohd Salim said “ the council of ministers lack confidence of this house”. When the discussion began in the morning this confidence further fell. The reason for that is that when the leader of the ruling party stood instead of focusing on the issues went to touch upon Madhya Pradesh. The council of ministers should have been defended, which was not done by their leader.

KERALA: LDF Govt Convenes Special Session of Assembly on Cattle Sale Restrictions

Below we publish the excerpts of the speech made by Pinarayi Vijayan, chief minister of Kerala at the special session of the state assembly called to discuss the central government's recent order restricting cattle trade. The session was held on June 8.

A GAZETTE notification was made by the central government on May 23 so as to introduce rules on the basis of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960.

NORTH EASTERN COUNCIL MEET: Tripura CM for Substantial Increase in Outlay for NEC

Below we publish excerpts of the speech delivered by Manik Sarkar, chief minister of Tripura at the 66th North Eastern Council Meet held in New Delhi on May 29, 2017

I WOULD like to suggest to hold two meetings of the NEC in a year. One meeting may be in the beginning of the financial year to finalise the annual budget and plan, and next one after a considerable time gap to undertake a review of the activities and performance on the basis of the budget and the adopted time specific schemes and projects.

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