October Revolution Centenary

Contesting Dual Power – March 1917

THE February Revolution ushered in dual power in Russia – the provincial government versus the Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies. In the month of March, Lenin had analysed the character of the dual power centres in the country and exhorted the proletariat to carry forward its historic task of taking forward the revolution to its logical conclusion.

Civil War: Fighting Counter Revolution

The victorious October Revolution saw the gathering of the counter-revolutionary forces who unleashed a Civil War assisted by armed intervention by fourteen imperialist and capitalist countries.   For three years – 1918 to 1921 – a Civil War raged in Russia.  The class conscious workers of Petrograd and other cities became the core of the new Red Army which  battled the White Guards.  It is only after defeating the White Guards and the imperialist armed intervention that the new Socialist State was consolidated.  The Civil War saw the sacrifices of tens of thousands of class conscious w


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