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Journalists & Press Workers Call for Unified Action

A JOINT extended meeting of the executive committee of the Press Unity Centre and the Delhi Union of Journalists has resolved through a reorganised structure to move jointly in matters pertaining to the serious situation effecting hundreds of journalists and press workers in Delhi in particular with the widest possible national alliance based on agreed principles and a minimum programme.

Plight of Employees in Media Houses Exposed

ON June 24, 2014, the Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) and its Gender Council (GC) noted with deep concern the deteriorating work environment in media houses, particularly TV channels, which stands exposed by the attempted suicide of a woman TV anchor on the premises of India TV. Behind the glamour projected by the TV industry, the DUJ noted, there lies the grim story of abysmal employment practices, 24/7 working hours, high pressure deadlines, arbitrary contracts, and hire and fire practices.

Rajasthan Labour Moves Ominous: DUJ

THROUGH a statement issued from New Delhi on June 8, the Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) and Delhi Press Initiative (DPI) castigated the Vasundhara Raje led BJP government of Rajasthan for its total surrender to big business and media monopolies. The state government of the BJP state government have sought, the statement accused, to virtually end the Industrial Disputes Act, Contract Labour Act and the Factories Act, and demolish whatever security has been left for employees.


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