Nightmare Plan to “Develop” the Andaman Islands

THESE columns have covered many issues of environmental damage and systematic dilution or dismantling of environmental regulations in India under the present dispensation at the behest of corporate interests, all spuriously in the name of “development.” The question raised through these cases has been, not the hackneyed one of, do we want development or environmental conservation, but the fundamental one of, when the environment is damaged irrecoverably, when it can no longer sustain natural life or livelihoods of people dependent upon it, can this still b

EIA Notification 2020: not now, not ever!

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) had released a Draft Notification on Environment Impact Assessment 2020 (EIA Notification 2020) on 12 March 2020, on the eve of the world’s largest nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and had called for responses in the next 60 days. This time period is scheduled to expire next week on 11 May 2020. EIA Notification 2020 is to replace and supersede EIA Notification 2006 and the many amendments issued since then.

City’s Vision for the Future: Sustainable, Inclusive, Resilient and Safe

THE attention of global forces representing cities is keener to know how the planet earth will be shaped for the future. The COP-21 climate change talks had set a target of keeping the rise in global temperature to less than 2 degrees centigrade. And for that, all the nations will have to play a major role in reducing their carbon footprint.

Trees, Cities and Economics

AT a time when the apologists of neoliberal economic reforms are celebrating World Bank’s declaration of India as the sixth biggest economy, two of the most important cities of our country – Delhi, the political capital and Mumbai, the financial capital are busy exposing the hollowness of such a growth. Successive neoliberal governments promoted cities as the engines of growth. For common people, the costs of such a growth are much higher than the accrued benefits.

Cyclone Ockhi and Our Response

ON November 30, when the cyclone Ockhi struck, it was for the first time in 100 years that such an incident had occurred in Kerala’s seas. Thousands of fishing workers were then out in the sea. State government and various agencies were able to jointly carry out the rescue operations in an efficient and timely manner. This has helped to save the lives of hundreds of fishing workers.

COP22 at Marrakech: Uphill for the Third World in the post-Paris Era - II

AS has been noted in the first part of this note, the emission reduction commitments made by the developed countries in the Paris Agreement are nowhere near enough to guarantee that global temperature increase will stay below 2 deg C over pre-industrial levels. At the same time, the agreement puts enormous pressure on the development of Third World nations (bar China of course) in terms of the energy options that are available to them at reasonable cost. But the story does not end there.


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