Modi is not Statesman Enough to Understand War

INDIA has a Modi problem. He is a charismatic communicator but an ineffectual leader “beating in the void his luminous wings in vain”. Modi doesn’t understand “war is a statesman game”. He considers his speech to be the trumpet of change that would restore India’s past glory and make it great again. If he had his way, he would pull down all the constitutional bodies and proclaim India to be a one-party theocratic state. He is quintessentially a Hindu supremacist. His abiding hatred for minorities is venomously expressed in his speeches and actions.

India Playing the US Game

THE Modi government is making India flow into the American military fold at a break-neck speed. In 2016, India became a “Major Defense Partner” of the United States (US). Buying military equipment from the US is the high point of Modi’s foreign policy. He is aiming to make India a full-fledged US military ally and privatise national defence before the end of his term as prime minister.  Today, US is India’s biggest arms supplier. The cumulative defence trade between the two countries is in the range of US $14 to $15 billion.

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