4 years of Modi Govt

Four Years of Modi Government: Economy in Shambles

ONE of the major planks of the BJP campaign in 2014 was that the economy had been reduced to shambles under the UPA - growth was flagging, the rupee had lost ground against the dollar, exports were sluggish and loans from banks to industry were increasingly turning bad. Modi, it was declared, would come and wave his magic wand and turn all this around. India would become the fastest growing economy in the world, the rupee would gain ground against other currencies, exports would boom and investors, both foreign and domestic, flock to make India a manufacturing hub.

Vol. XLII No. 23

NARENDRA Modi had promised to create two crore jobs during the election campaign for 2014 general elections. This attracted massive support for the party and Modi because people were frustrated with a decade of jobless growth under the UPA. They thought achche din (good days) were finally going to come.

Four years have passed and Modi government has spectacularly failed on this count. In fact Modi sarkar’s policies have led to job losses rather than creating more jobs. In order to cover up his complete failure, Modi is now saying that ‘selling pakodas’ is also a job!

Four Years of Modi Government: Schemes: More Hype than Benefits

THE four years of the Modi government have seen a high-octane publicity campaign over various flagship schemes that have been closely associated with the prime minister. But a closer look at many of these schemes shows that the crores of rupees spent on PR mask tales of unattained goals and unkept promises. The flagship initiatives of the government – ranging from Jan Dhan and Mudra loans to Swachh Bharat, Ujjwala and Skill India – today serve as a prime example of the government’s deceptive narrative.

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