June 16, 2024

AIKS Condemns Premeditated Murder of Cattle Transport Workers in Chhattisgarh

AIKS Accuses State Police of Chhattisgarh of Communal Bias
Demands Judicial Enquiry and Immediate Arrest of the Culprits and Prosecution, Compensation of Rs 50 Lakh each to the Families of the Deceased and Rs 20 Lakh to the Injured
Demands that Parliament Enact a Law to Prevent Mob Lynching and Hate Crimes and Establish Fast Track Court for Speedy Trial and Conviction

THE All India Kisan Sabha, in a statement issued on June10, has strongly protested the brutal murder of two cattle transport workers and the severe injury to another worker between 2 and 3 am on June 7, 2024 on the Mahanadi Bridge, in the Mahasamund-Raipur border, Chhattisgarh, by criminal gangsters. The culprits – a group of 15-20 people – had been following the truck load of animals travelling towards Odisha, put nails on the bridge to deflate the tyres and after stopping the truck, the drivers were attacked, beaten severely and thrown to the rocks 30 feet below the bridge. Tehseen Qureshi died on the spot and Chand Khan was declared dead after reaching the hospital. Another worker Saddam Qureshi suffered severe injuries and is in hospital. It is very clear that this is an incident of premeditated murder and a hate crime, and not a mob lynching.  

However, as per the state police, the FIR has been registered under Section 304 and 307 of IPC for attempt to murder and culpable homicide that attracts punishment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with a fine, or with both. There is no Section 302 of IPC for murder. The police justify this serious omission as suspected mob lynching in the name of cow protection.

AIKS strongly condemns the Chhattisgarh state police for its rabidly communal bias in registering the FIR avoiding Section 302 of IPC in the dreadful incident of brutal murder of two transport workers. AIKS demands that the deputy chief minister Vijay Sharma in charge of the home portfolio ensure rule of law in the state of Chhattisgarh, take strong action against the top police officers involved in the conspiracy to protect the murderers, immediate arrest of all the criminals and ensure unbiased prosecution. AIKS strongly demands a judicial enquiry into the incident, including the role of the police in protecting the criminals.

Though the workers are from Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh, the BJP-led state government also is silent, without making any intervention to ensure justice to the hapless families of the murdered workers. AIKS condemns the callous attitude of the BJP-led state governments of both the states and demands compensation of Rs 50 lakh each to the family of both deceased workers and Rs 20 lakh to the severely injured worker.

Most of the political parties of Chhattisgarh are so far silent on the brutal murder and the callous attitude of the state government. This is highly unfortunate. The Chhattisgarh Kisan Sabha and other Kisan organisations have strongly condemned the murder.

The cattle economy is a part of agriculture contributing 27 per cent of the income of farmer households. India is the second largest country in beef export. The attack on cattle traders and workers affects the cattle trade and farmers are unable to sell their animals and get remunerative prices.
AIKS strongly demands the NDA-led union government and the newly elected parliament to enact a law to prevent mob lynching and hate crimes in the name of cow protection, to establish fast track courts to expedite trial and conviction in order to protect the interests of the cattle farmers, traders and workers in the industry.