June 09, 2024

WB: Trinamool Unleashes Post-Poll Mayhem

Subinoy Moulik

WITH Trinamool's decisive win in  29 seats out of 42 in West Bengal's 18th Lok Sabha elections,  the BJP-backed media's projected ‘air of triumph,’ fuelled by fake exit polls has completely vanished. The BJP secured 12 seats, a significant drop from 18 last time. The Left-Congress which had jointly fought the elections, suffered a setback, with Congress securing only one seat in Malda Dakshin. Amidst the overwhelming jubilation of Trinamool supporters, Trinamool-backed hooligans initiated violent attacks, primarily targeting the CPI(M) and the broader political opposition.

Even as the counting continued, Trinamool’s miscreants attacked and vandalised Party offices of the CPI(M) in various areas. The counting centres of Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha constituency, where Trinamool’s heir-apparent Abhishek Banerjee won by an astounding margin of over seven lakh votes, witnessed unthinkable scenes. Pins from chest badges were unfastened and stabbed into the flesh of CPI(M) counting agents, accompanied by beatings and abuses, all before the counting of the second round was even over. The CPI(M) counting agents at the Budge Budge assembly segment were the first to be dragged and led out. Later, counting agents from Diamond Harbour and Falta assembly constituencies were also thrown out.

The violence extended beyond Diamond Harbour, with attacks on CPI(M) offices and members across the state. The hooligans ran riot in different localities in the state throughout the day on June 4. In many cases, the police stood by as silent spectators while attacks took place, allowing the violence to escalate. In the morning, Trinamool miscreants vandalised the CPI(M) office, Bhola Bose Smriti Bhavan near the counting centre in Vijaygarh of Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency. Three Party workers were injured in the attack, one had to be hospitalised. Miscreants ransacked the house of a Party worker in Baghajatin. The Ganashakti display board was broken in South Jadavpur.

The attacks included vandalism of Party offices, physical assaults on Party workers and counting agents, and even attacks on family members of political opponents. Trinamool’s miscreants carried out reckless attacks, vandalism, and occupied Party offices in various parts of Maheshtala in Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha constituency. Extensive vandalism had been carried out at Khudiram Club in Bata, Maheshtala. Trinamool forces ransacked the house of CPI(M) activists Kanu Gopal Das and Dalia Bose, residents of Sarada Palli in Maheshtala. Raja Mitra, secretary of the Party's area committee, said that a complaint has been lodged at the local Maheshtala police station. Trinamool’s armed criminals are creating an atmosphere of terror in different areas of Maheshtala. Common people are in a state of panic.

 Trinamool’s miscreants also ransacked the office of CPI(M) Haltu area committee in 24 Parganas south, adjoining south Kolkata. Miscreants attacked a Party worker's father in Burdwan. A woman agent's house was also vandalised in Barasat. Two counting agents were beaten up in Srirampur. CPI(M) counting agent Jayant Rang of Domjur was beaten up and thrown out of the counting centre. A CPI(M) counting agent was beaten up and suffered a serious head injury in Durgapur.

At around noon on June 4, Trinamool's miscreants attacked CPI (M) party office Bhola Bose Smriti Bhavan next to Jyotish Roy College in Vijaygarh in Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency. The counting of votes for Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency was going on in this college. In the initial aftermath of the result, a group of Trinamool miscreants, wild in jubilation, started pelting stones at first from a distance. Then the Trinamool-backed hooligans came and broke the doors and windows and smashed the furniture. Party leaders and workers were inside the Party office at that time. A party worker named Somnath Karmakar was seriously injured in this violence and attack by the Trinamool. He was taken to the hospital, where he is undergoing treatment. CPI(M) candidate for Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency Srijan Bhattacharya went to the Party office after getting the news. He said that this is the culture of Trinamool as it harbors criminals. This type of hooliganism was never seen in Tollygunge before, he commented.

Trinamool miscreants attacked a CPI (M) worker's house at Chakchandan of Raina, East Bardhaman on June 4 after the results of the Lok Sabha polls were announced. Not finding the Party worker at home, they attacked his father. Sheikh Babur was severely beaten. He was taken to Madhabdihi Hospital in a critical condition. CPI(M) activist Sheikh Rahmat was the agent in the booth on the polling day. He stopped Trinamool’s vote looting. That very day he was intimidated. After winning that day Trinamool attacked his house. Sheikh Rahmat was not at home at that time. Then the miscreants attacked his father. Trinamool’s miscreants stormed the house of CPI(M) polling agent Mamata Das in Kalipada  Samanta  Colony in Barasat Lok Sabha constituency as soon as the election results were announced. They ransacked the whole house. UCRC leaders reached the spot and stood by the victims.

A counting agent of the CPI(M) of Burdwan Durgapur Lok Sabha constituency was attacked by Trinamool goons outside the counting centre in Burdwan on June 4. At the end of counting, 8-9 assailants surrounded Party worker Supriyo  Biswas and attacked him with bamboo sticks while he was returning to Durgapur from the counting centre. His head was injured, his body suffered multiple wounds. He is undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Durgapur. The attack took place in front of the police and central forces. Other Party workers rushed to his help. The attackers threw stones at the vehicle. Supriyo Biswas' house is in Sagarbhanga, Durgapur. He is a contract worker in a private factory.

Meanwhile, Trinamool miscreants vandalised a CPI(M) party office in Baranagar of North 24 Parganas district during the counting of votes. The attack happened much before the Trinamool won the Baranagar assembly by-election. A group of Trinamool-backed miscreants broke into the   Party office at Putighat in Ward No. 34 under Baranagar municipality in the afternoon. They smashed everything inside, including the TV, chairs, tables. After 2011, this was the second attack on this Party office of CPI(M) Baranagar No. 2 area committee. Trinamool miscreants attacked the house of veteran CPI(M) leader Dilip Sen in Metiabruz area.   Even Dilip Sen's son and grandmother were not spared. 

Speaking to reporters after the counting, CPI(M) state secretary Mohammad Salim demanded that peace be maintained in the state after the polls. He reminded that central forces would only remain for ten more days.  He condemned the Trinamool workers' attacks on various opposition parties, including the CPI (M), which left several injured. Salim emphasized that this violence is unacceptable from any responsible ruling party.


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