April 28, 2024

Left Front Demands Countermanding of Elections and Fresh Poll in Tripura

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THE BJP has resorted to pre-planned all-out rigging and made the election to Tripura West (Gen) parliamentary constituency and bye-election to 7-Ramnagar assembly constituency a complete farce. 

The BJP has begun issuing threats of dire consequences to anyone daring to fulfill the role of a polling agent for the INDIA bloc candidates in both parliament and assembly constituencies, since the end of open campaigning for the aforementioned two constituencies. Simultaneously, the BJP has resorted to intimidating voters, particularly those in whom they lack trust, by warning them not to leave their homes to cast their votes.

Despite facing numerous threats and challenges, people courageously came out from their homes to cast their votes, and the dedicated workers of the INDIA bloc have bravely undertaken their responsibilities as polling agents. Shockingly, many polling agents of the INDIA bloc candidates have been subjected to physical assaults and forcibly removed from polling booths during the early hours of voting. The BJP goons have systematically prevented identified voters from leaving their homes to vote in various areas. Moreover, BJP supporters have even resorted to physically attacking and forcibly removing voters from queues, demonstrating a barbaric disregard for democratic processes.

Furthermore, as part of their nefarious scheme, BJP hooligans brought in from outside have begun casting fraudulent votes in the names of absentee voters whom they coerced into abstaining. This premeditated, highly fascist attempt to undermine democracy in Tripura has far exceeded the tarnished experience of election rigging in the Tripura West parliamentary constituency in 2019.

The Election Commission of India has made numerous assurances regarding the conduct of free, fair, and peaceful elections. These assurances have been echoed by their representatives in Tripura. However, the electorate of the Tripura West Lok Sabha seat and the 7-Ramnagar assembly seat have been dismayed by the Election Commission's utter failure to facilitate and enable a significant number of voters to cast their votes. The lofty promises and assurances made by the Election Commission have proven to be fruitless and ineffectual.

Given the circumstances outlined above, the Left Front of Tripura, representing the thousands of disenfranchised voters, justifiably demand that the Election Commission countermand both the elections held on April 19, namely the Tripura West parliamentary seat and the bye-election to the 7-Ramnagar assembly seat. The Left Front urges the Election Commission to organise fresh elections in an environment where the democratic rights of the electorate are properly safeguarded and the people's confidence in democracy can be restored.





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