February 18, 2024
Solidarity with Kerala: Programmes Held across the Country

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Below we publish reports of the programmes held across the country on February 8, in solidarity with Kerala.   


Kerala Solidarity Day was observed throughout the state of Tripura on February 8. Protest rallies, processions, sit-in and various other forms of demonstrations took place in most sub-divisions, highlighting the indifferent and hostile approach pursued by the Modi government towards Kerala. The motive behind these actions was to disrupt the Kerala government's dedicated efforts to implement pro-people programmes, as promised to the citizens.

All sections of democratic people in Tripura expressed their solidarity with Kerala which is facing financial deprivation and administrative non-cooperation due to political vindictiveness from the central government. Agartala witnessed a significant gathering at Orient Chowmohani, where CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar, state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury, and Narayan Kar addressed the gathering. They shed light on how the BJP-led central government has discriminated against opposition-led state governments by withholding their share of taxes, imposing borrowing limits, encroaching on state subjects, and misusing the constitutional position of governors to delay state legislations indefinitely. Besides, central investigating agencies have been exploited to serve the political vendetta of the ruling BJP.

Manik Sarkar emphasized that all these actions are in direct violation of the federal structure of our constitution. He pointed out that the Modi government, failing to counter Kerala's pro-people programmes and policies through healthy political-ideological debate, has resorted to fascistic RSS methods to paralyse the government by misusing its position at the centre.

Manik Sarkar highlighted a similar disruptive strategy employed by the BJP government at the centre in Tripura to undermine the then Left Front government. The selection of PMAY beneficiaries was based on the Economic Survey in 2011. Despite persistent requests from the Left Front government, the allocation of funds for this scheme remained pending since 2012 and was only released after the BJP assumed power in 2018. Notably, not a single penny was allocated for MGNREGA in the six months preceding the 2018 assembly elections.

The state government's repeated appeals for paddy procurement from local farmers fell on deaf ears until the BJP took charge in 2018. The CBI, previously highly active in the Rose Valley scam investigation prior to the Assembly elections to falsely frame the Left leaders, is now seeking relief to drop the cases against them.

Currently, the BJP is engaged in bargaining to get funds allocated to the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) to control Tipra Motha, which is now in governance, at a time when the TTAADC is grappling with a severe fund shortage even to pay employee salaries.

Manik Sarkar emphasized the upcoming significant political battle in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. He urged those in favour of democracy, secularism, and the preservation of the federal character of the constitution to unite against the BJP's cunning agenda to transform India into a 'Hindu' state. In conclusion, Manik Sarkar urged collective action to dislodge the BJP from power and safeguard the constitution itself.

In his address, Jitendra Chowdhury expressed concern, stating that despite the BJP ministers, including the prime minister, taking an oath in the name of the constitution, they exhibit no regard for it. He emphasized that the foundation for preserving and strengthening the country's integrity, unity, and fostering fraternity among people of diverse castes, creeds, and religious backgrounds lies in upholding the principles of secularism, plurality, and the federal character of the constitution. However, the ruling BJP's aggressive promotion of 'Hindutva' poses a serious threat to our national integrity. Jitendra Chowdhury said it is the responsibility of the Left and democratic forces to resist and defeat this fascistic power.

Narayan Kar highlighted the commendable reputation gained not only within the country but globally by the LDF government in Kerala for its pro-people programmes. However, the BJP government at the centre is unwilling to allow the state government to continue with its pro-people initiatives.

(Haripada Das)



IN solidarity with the protests held in Delhi by the Kerala LDF government on February 8, and Karnataka Government on February 7, several protests were held all over Karnataka on February 8 in most district centres. U Basavaraj, CPI(M) Central Committee member and state secretary led the protest and addressed the protesters in Kalburgi. K N Umesh, CPI(M) Central Committee member  led the protest in Bangalore. Speakers at the protests condemned the discriminatory policies of union government towards Karnataka, Kerala and other non-BJP ruled states and rose in defence of federalism.

Andaman and Nicobar

As per the call given by the CITU Centre, Delhi to observe February 8, 2024 as the Kerala Solidarity Day against the discrimination meted out to Kerala state by the central government, the Andaman & Nicobar state committee of CITU organised a mass demonstration on February 8, in front of the Port Blair Municipal Council, Aberdeen Bazar, Port Blair. 

Inaugurating the mass dharna, B Chandrachoodan, state general secretary of CITU, said that the BJP government at the centre has been trying to destabilise the non-BJP state governments in the country through various ways and highlighted the blatant discrimination meted out to Kerala in the matter of allotment of funds, imposing borrowing limits on the state government and through unnecessary interference in the government by the governor.   

Addressing the gathering, D Ayyappan, state vice president of CITU, criticised the Modi government for harassing the non-BJP state governments in the country by denying them the lawful share of taxes collected. He said that the non-BJP state governments are being targeted through Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax, CBI, etc and said that a number of ministers of non-BJP state governments have been jailed on various charges.  He further said that federalism is under a grave threat under the Modi government as powers of the state governments are being taken away on one pretext or the other.    

Senior leader D Laxman Rao and SP Kalairajan, secretary, CITU state committee also spoke on the occasion. A large number of workers from various trade unions functioning at Port Blair attended the programme. 


CPI(M) Mumbai committee held a spirited solidarity action with the LDF government and people of Kerala, at the Azad Maidan on February 8.

The protest demonstration was addressed by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Ashok Dhawale, state secretariat member and Mumbai district secretary S K Rege, state secretariat member Tapati Mukhopadhyay, former state secretariat member Kishore Theckedath, and state committee members Vivek Monteiro, Sonya Gill, and Shailendra Kamble. The 93-year-old veteran Party leader P R Krishnan also participated in the protest.


Kerala Solidarity Day was observed across the state on February 8, in response to CPI(M)'s nationwide call against the economic blockade of opposition states by the centre, misuse of central agencies and anti-constitutional role of governors in opposition ruled states in utter disregard of  the federal character of the country.


Memorandums were sent to the president of the country in various districts of Uttar Pradesh against the discrimination of the BJP-led central government against the Left Democratic Front government in Kerala.

A memorandum was sent to the president through the governor in Lucknow. On this occasion, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Subhashini Ali, state secretary Hiralal Yadav and secretariat members Ravi Mishra, BL Bharti, and Mukut Singh were present.


In solidarity with the protests held in Delhi by the Kerala LDF government on February 8, several protests were held across Tamil Nadu on the same day by CPI(M) district committees. P Sampath, senior leader T K Rangarajan, leaders of secular democratic alliance parties in the state joined the protests and condemned the neglect by the BJP led government towards Kerala and non BJP ruled states.


Raj Bhavan march and protest led by Party state secretary and Central Committee member Amra Ram, was organised in Rajasthan on February 8 against the discriminatory attitude of the central government towards Kerala and other non-BJP ruled states.


A protest was held in Puducherry in support of federalism, condemning the union govternment's discrimination against Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The protest was led by Party secretary R Rajangam with speeches from opposition leader Siva and former CM, Narayanasamy. Leaders from CPI, CPI(ML), and VCK also participated.


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