February 11, 2024

Maha: Lenin Death Centenary Commemorated

Sunil Malusare

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AT a time when the RSS-BJP was inciting communal polarisation all over the country on the issue of the inauguration of the Ram temple at Ayodhya on and around January 22, 2024, the CPI(M) was mobilising all over the country on and around January 21 to commemorate the death centenary of the outstanding revolutionary leader and great Marxist theoretician Vladimir Lenin. In innumerable such meetings across India, calls were also given to make the February 16 rural Bharat bandh and industrial strike against the anti-people and pro-corporate policies of the RSS-BJP central government a massive success.  

The CPI(M) Maharashtra state committee which met at the B T Ranadive Bhawan in New Mumbai on December 29-30, 2023, decided to commemorate the Lenin death centenary by holding general body meetings of the Party in each district on or around January 21. On the eve of the centenary, the evening of January 20, the state committee decided that there will be an online Facebook Live talk on the revolutionary life, work, thought, and relevance of Vladimir Lenin by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Ashok Dhawale. This was organised. A special Lenin Death Centenary Issue of the Party’s Marathi weekly Jeewanmarg was published, which had all the articles that were published in People’s Democracy/Loklahar. In the general body meetings held in over 16 districts, around 5,000 Party comrades participated.


An enthusiastic 2,000-strong CPI(M) general body meeting of Thane-Palghar districts was held at the Comrade Godavari Shamrao Parulekar Bhawan at Talasari on January 21 to mark the Lenin death centenary. It comprised of activists from 10 tehsils of both districts, and included hundreds of women activists. 

Ashok Dhawale, while addressing the gathering, recounted the main aspects of the remarkable life and work of Lenin, the achievements of the socialist revolution that he led in Russia, and explained Lenin’s continued relevance to combat the current international and national challenges. The meeting was presided over by state secretariat member Vinod Nikole, MLA, and the introduction pinpointing important future tasks was made by state secretariat member and district secretary Kiran Gahala. 

The Jeewanmarg/Janashakti Prakashan attractive calendar for 2024, the Jeewanmarg Lenin Death Centenary special issue, and other progressive literature worth over Rs 15,000 was briskly sold in this meeting. In the 10 tehsil GBMs held earlier this month, the 2024 calendar and other literature worth over Rs 85,000 was sold, thus making a total sale of over one lakh rupees in this district alone this month.


A large 1500-strong CPI(M) general body meeting of the rural Nashik district was held at Umbarpada in Surgana tehsil on  January 23 to mark the death centenary of Lenin. It comprised activists from seven tehsils of the district.

Ashok Dhawale took two topics: The Russian revolution and the life and work of Lenin; and current political challenges in India. CPI(M) Central Committee member J P Gavit, ex-MLA, took the topic of building the Party organisation.

Among those present were CPI(M) state secretariat members Kisan Gujar and Sunil Malusare, and state committee members Bhika Rathod and Indrajit Gavit. The 2024 calendar and Party literature worth over Rs 12,000 was sold in this meeting.

On January 20, a general body meeting of the urban Nashik district was held at Nashik. It was attended by over 100 members. Two sessions were taken by state secretary Uday Narkar and state secretariat member D L Karad respectively. They were presided over by state committee member Sitaram Thombre and district committee member Tanaji Jaybhave.


In Mumbai, the Party held a 500-strong general body meeting on January 21 at the Adarsh Vidyalaya Hall at Chembur. The main speaker on the various aspects of the life and work of Lenin was state secretary Uday Narkar. The other speaker was former state secretariat member Kishore Theckedath.

The meeting was presided over and concluded by state secretariat member and Mumbai district secretary S K Rege. State committee members Shailendra Kamble introduced the programme, and Sonya Gill placed the vote of thanks.


On January 21-22, the CPI(M) Ahmednagar district organised a two-day Lenin Death Centenary study camp at Akole. It was attended by 205 leading comrades from eight tehsils. 

They included peasants, workers, women and youth. Among them were both anganwadi and ASHA workers (both of whom were then on a statewide strike against the state government), mid-day meal workers, construction workers, etc. Ahmednagar is one of the districts in Maharashtra where the work of the Party, AIKS and CITU is steadily growing. 

On January 22, Ashok Dhawale took the following two topics: 'What is Marxism?' and 'current political challenges'. On January 21, state secretariat member Ajit Nawale took the topic 'identity politics and the danger of communalism and casteism'. Pune district leader Maharudra Dake took the topic 'building the organisation'.


Similar programmes were held in districts like Solapur, Pune, Nanded, Nandurbar, Nagpur, Amravati, Wardha, Buldana, Parbhani, Sangli and Aurangabad. They were addressed among others by Narasayya Adam, M H Shaikh, Ajit Abhyankar, Vijay Gabhane, Nathu Salve, Jaising Mali, Udayan Sharma, Arun Latkar, Yashwant Zade, Subhash Jadhav and others.      

In all the above Lenin Death Centenary meetings stress was also laid on the following political and organisational tasks: making the February 16 rural Bharat bandh and industrial strike against the disastrous policies of the Modi-led RSS-BJP regime a great success; completing and collecting membership of all class and mass fronts; concentration on Party renewal 2024 and on regular Party branch functioning and focusing on the preparations for the coming Lok Sabha, vidhan sabha, and local body elections. 




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