January 28, 2024

CITU to Observe Nationwide Kerala Solidarity Day on Feb 8

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), in a statement issued on January 22, has called upon its affiliated unions and federations to observe nationwide Kerala Solidarity Day on February 8, the day on which the LDF of Kerala led by chief minister and ministers will be holding a protest dharna in Delhi and the people of Kerala will hold protest demonstrations locally against victimisation and discrimination meted to it by the BJP led union government.

The CITU has called for the observance of the solidarity day through massive protest demonstrations at all places throughout the country in defence of federalism and rights of states as enshrined in the constitution.

The issue of continuing onslaughts on the federal structure of the constitution and discriminatory treatment against the opposition-ruled state governments by the authoritarian corporate-servile government at the centre is being consistently raised by the CITU and also the joint platform of the central trade unions (CTUs) in all its programmes and activities. Also the CTUs and SKM national convention held on August 24, 2023 voiced its opposition to all forms of attacks on federal structure of constitution and adopted the demand for upholding the basic principles of the constitution in its  21-point charter of demands in all its agitations in order to “Save the People and Save the Nation”. Hence as part of the ongoing campaign to make February 16th mass mobilisations including industrial/sectoral strike and grameen bandh a success, CITU committees and units would also undertake campaign on this particular demand while exposing the authoritarian Modi regime.

The LDF led Kerala government is being particularly targeted by the BJP led corporate communal nexus in governance at the centre for the very reason that the state government is pursuing pro-worker, pro-peasant and pro-people policies that provide alternative to the neoliberal and communal policies pursued by the centre. LDF has also stood firmly in defence of public sector along with the welfare and unity of the people. Hence CITU has appealed to all its affiliates and their members to make the Kerala Solidarity Day a success in a massive way.