November 19, 2023
Comrade N Sankariah

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on November 15, 2023

THE Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) expresses deep grief at the passing away of Comrade N Sankariah, veteran leader of the CPI(M) and one of the oldest Communist leaders of the country.  He was 102 years old.

Sankariah, as a student of the American College in Madurai, joined the freedom struggle. He was arrested just before his final examinations and thus could not get his degree. He altogether spent eight years in jail till the eve of independence.

Sankariah joined the Communist Party in 1940 and became one of the key organisers of the united Party in Tamilnadu.

He was one of the 32 National Council members who walked out to form the Communist Party of India (Marxist) subsequently. He made a major contribution to building the Communist movement in Tamilnadu and he served as the secretary of the state committee from 1995 to 2002.

He was elected thrice to the Tamilnadu state assembly in 1967, 1977 and 1980. He was the leader of the CPI(M) group in the assembly in 1977 and 1980.

He was also involved in the development of the kisan movement and became the general secretary and president of the All India Kisan Sabha.

Sankariah was a powerful speaker who could communicate Communist politics and policies effectively amongst the people.  He was a dedicated Marxist who was devoted to the Party and set high standards of integrity and simplicity in public life.

In his death, the Communist movement has lost a leader with a glorious record, but his legacy lives on. The Polit Bureau pays homage to his memory and conveys its heartfelt condolences to his two sons and family members.

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