August 20, 2023
Fidel Castro’s Birth Anniversary Observed

A FRIENDLY football match was organised by the National Committee for Solidarity with Cuba to commemorate the 97th birth anniversary of the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on August 13. The match was held between the Ambassadors XI and Solidarity Committee XI.

BV Raghavulu, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) inaugurated the match by ceremoniously kicking the football. Prior to this, he spoke about Fidel Castro and his internationalism. Raghavulu emphasised that Fidel Castro always remains an inspiration to the youth throughout the world. Fidel led the Cuban revolution against Batista dictatorship, which was supported by the US imperialism. For the past more than six decades, Cuba is heroically resisting US attempts to subjugate that country and dismantle the socialist system. The role played by Fidel in ideologically preparing Cubans to safeguard socialism in Cuba is very important, Raghavulu noted.

Alejandro Simancas, ambassador of Cuba in India, thanked the Solidarity Committee for taking this initiative and organising a friendly football match to mark the birth anniversary of Fidel Castro. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s visit to India, which led to the strengthening of relations between our two countries, Simancas, noted. He also stated that Cuba always cherishes and values the friendly relations with India and thanked the Solidarity Committee for contributing its part for this purpose.

The Ambassadors XI team consisted of diplomats from Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Bolivia, while the Solidarity Committee XI team consisted of leaders of various mass organisations and representatives of the Solidarity Committee. Leaders and representatives of Janasanskriti, a Malyalee cultural organisation in Delhi played in both the teams and helped in the organisation of the match. The management of the Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, hosted the match in their school.


In Kollam district in Kerala, a basketball competition for women was organised to commemorate the birth anniversary of Fidel Castro on August 13. The Kollam District Sports Council team emerged victorious in the competition held at the QAC basketball ground in Kollam. It defeated the Trivandrum St. Goretti HSS team in the finals.

This competition was conducted by the district leadership of the Solidarity Committee, which was ably supported by the Kollam district sports association. The leaders who spoke on the occasion recalled Fidel Castro’s enthusiasm for sports and his love for baseball. They also noted the development of sports and support given by the Cuban government to sports persons after the success of revolution. The president of Kollam District Sports Council president X Earnest presented the prizes to winners and runners-up team.