August 13, 2023

Protest against BJP Govt's Failure to Curb Violence in Manipur

Abdul Rahman

THE Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM) and Adivasi Adhikar Rashtriya Manch (AARM) jointly organised a protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on August 5 against the divisive BJP agenda in Manipur. The protesters demanded Chief Minister N Biren Singh's removal and effective restoration of law and order. Speakers included DSMM's general secretary and Polit Bureau member of CPI (M) Ram Chandra Dom, AARM's national secretary and CPI(M) Central Committee member, Jitendra Choudhary, Nathu Prasad Delhi state secretary of DSMM and Vumsuan Naulak of Manipur Tribal Forum. Brahmjeet, DSMM's Delhi president, presided over the programme.

The speakers highlighted the BJP's adoption of divisive policies, aligning with the sectarian vision of RSS, since its ascent to power in 2014. These policies, intentionally designed, prioritize the benefits of major corporate entities in India like Ambani and Adani while disregarding the foundational principles of the nation's constitution and the well-being of the general people. This explicit agenda stands as the foremost catalyst behind the persistent unrest in Manipur and various other regions across the country.

Jitendra Choudhary emphasized that over three months have passed, yet the BJP-led governments both at the state and central levels have intentionally permitted the escalation of violence in Manipur. This not only exposes the hollowness of the frequently promoted "double engine" efficiency narrative by Narendra Modi during his election campaigns but also exposes sectarian and communal agenda. He pointed out the glaring contradiction where Modi, known for his vocal expressions, remains silent regarding his government's mishandling of the situation in Manipur.

Jitendra Choudhary highlighted how the responses from Mr. Modi and the BJP to the distressing video depicting the assault and violence against Kuki women reveal their lack of integrity. It is crucial, he stressed, for citizens to take to the streets and demand accountability from this profoundly inept government.

Ramchandra Dom strongly urged immediate measures to end the violence in Manipur and to ensure the apprehension and lawful prosecution of all those responsible. He also highlighted that the ongoing events within the state are part of a broader scheme aimed at fracturing the population and diverting attention away from the exploitation of the nation's natural resources.

Vumsuan Naulak called for a united solidarity with the people of Manipur, who are enduring an atmosphere of apprehension due to the divisive policies pursued by the BJP government. He brought attention to the distressing situation where numerous innocent individuals have been confined to refugee camps for an extended period. The grim reality of not being able to properly lay their dead ones to rest due to the threat of violence underscores the gravity of the issue. He further emphasized that the state's overtly partisan and sectarian stance must be met with strong opposition from all progressive forces across the nation.