August 06, 2023

Condemn This Hate Crime

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on August 01, 2023

THE horrifying killing by a Railway Police Force constable of his senior and three other passengers, on a Mumbai bound train should not be seen as the actions of a disturbed mind as is the initial explanation by the authorities, who have set up an investigation. All the passengers killed were Muslims. The constable went from one coach to another and deliberately targeted Muslims.

This is a direct result of the hate speeches being made day in and day out by those in power, demonising the Muslim community and using every abusive word in the dictionary of communalism against them. A video which is yet to be authenticated shows that the man specifically mentioned that Muslims were being led by Pakistan and if they wanted to live in India they should vote for Modi and Yogi. The man was echoing the language used by BJP leaders.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly warned that hate speech leads to disastrous consequences for the country and must be dealt with sternly. Even more alarming is that this incident clearly shows that such communal thinking is affecting those officially mandated to provide security.  This condemnable incident is a wakeup call to India that the toxic agenda of the Hindutva forces is leading the country into a deep abyss.