April 16, 2023

Press Information Bureau ‘Yes’ Police Information Bureau ‘No’

THE Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ), in a statement issued on April 8, has strongly opposed the amendments made to the IT Rules 2021. The amendments in fact change the very nature and mandate of the Press Information Bureau, giving them virtual policing powers.  

DUJ states that ‘The mandate of the PIB is to act as an interface between the government and the media. The “role & functions” of the PIB as listed on its website is of “disseminating information on policies and programmes of the Government of India; providing feedback on how these policies and programmes have been received; advising the government on its Information, Education and Communication (IEC) strategy; managing crisis communication and emergency response; and providing media facilitation and accreditation”.

In the name of fact checking of “fake, or false, or misleading” information about the government on social media platforms, unbridled regulatory powers are being given to the PIB, much beyond its mandate. The PIB will now act as the new censor, a very dangerous situation reminiscent of the Emergency but could be worse than that. 


The DUJ considers these amendments as another attempt to curb free speech and freedom of expression. It demands the immediate withdrawal of these amendments. It calls for wider consultations with all stakeholders, on the menace of fake news.