March 19, 2023
TN: BJP-RSS Game Plan Will Not Succeed in Tripura

V B Ganesan

CONDEMNING the violence unleashed upon the CPI(M) and Congress in Tripura by the BJP-RSS combine, political parties in Tamil Nadu asserted that the game plan to wipe out Communists from the state or the country would not succeed.

In a public demonstration organised by the CPI(M) Tamil Nadu state committee in Chennai on March 13th evening, political parties in the state – DMK, VCK, MDMK, Dravidar Kazhagam, MMK, Vaazhvurimai Katchi, CPI(ML), and representatives from May 17 movement – unitedly condemned the violence unleashed by the ruling BJP and its goondas in Tripura since the results were declared for the legislative assembly elections.

Presiding over the demonstration, CPI(M) state secretary,  K Balakrishnan said that the BJP is attacking CPI(M) because they are the only force in the country who have the ideological wherewithal to fight against the RSS-BJP. In 2018, when the BJP won the Tripura assembly elections for the first time, the BJP organised a victory celebration in New Delhi. When the reporters asked why the party was celebrating a victory achieved in a small state, Prime Minister Modi said it was not a small victory but a victory of our ideological struggle in that state.

Balakrishnan asserted that the only movement which has an alternative to the RSS-BJP ideology is the Communist movement in the country. He said according to the RSS ideologue Guru Golwalkar, their first enemy is Communists, second Muslims and third Christians. That does not mean that they have not declared others as enemies. Ideologically, the movements spearheaded by Periyar and Ambedkar are also their enemies. The basic philosophy of the RSS is to divide the people. They may claim that they are for the unity of Hindus. But we should not forget that it is the foremost movement upholding Manusmriti in the country.

Are all the Hindus being treated equally? Can all the Hindus worship in the temples in the same manner? There are divisions based on caste in our society. It is their basic theory and they will not be willing to unite all as one family.

Marx called upon the workers of the world to unite as a force to achieve an exploitation free society. That’s why the RSS-BJP is twisting Marx's ideas to divert the working people's attention. If they unite, casting aside the divisions of caste and religion, can capitalists like Ambani, Adani, Tata etc be able to continue their exploitation? No. That is why they are unleashing violence in the name of religion, caste, politics etc to disrupt the unity of the people.

Recently they circulated a fake message saying that the migrant workers of North India are not safe in Tamil Nadu. This was initiated in the North by the RSS-BJP gang. However, the state government immediately reacted to such a fake campaign against the state. If allowed to prolong their campaign, many riots would have erupted across the country.

Balakrishnan said, “As far as the RSS-BJP is concerned, the country and its assets are only for the Ambanis and Adanis. They are telling the people of Tamil Nadu to learn Hindi for gainful employment in future. But about 80 lakh people whose mother tongue is Hindi came to Tamil Nadu to sustain their lives. They are not getting jobs in their states. The livelihood of ordinary poor workers has not improved because they are ruling the country for the welfare and growth of the corporate companies. This is the ultimate truth of their eight-year rule. But the Communists are striving to unite the working people of this country to achieve real growth in their livelihoods. That is why they want to destroy communists, and their red flag. But the history of the world shows that only those who strived as such in the past were wiped out beyond recognition. Even a small piece of bone of Hitler was not found after the defeat of Germany by the erstwhile Soviet Army. This is world history. Likewise, the working people of India will defeat fascist forces such as RSS-BJP beyond recognition.”

Condemning the violence unleashed by the BJP-RSS goons on opposition parties in Tripura, DMK’s propaganda secretary TKS Elangovan, VCK Supremo Thol. Thirumavalavan MP, Vandhiyathevan of MDMK, Kali Poongundran of Dravidar Kazhagam, Prof Jawahirullah of MMK, Vel Murugan MLA of Vaazhvurimai Katchi, Pazha. Asaithambi of CPI(ML), Thirumurugan Gandhi of the May 17 movement addressed the meeting. CPI(M) Central Committee member P Sampath, state committee member, M Ramakrishnan, secretaries of Chennai districts L Sundararajan (North), R Velmurugan (South) and G Selva (Central) also participated in this demonstration, where a large number of activists of CPI(M) and other political parties joined and expressed solidarity with the people of Tripura.