January 15, 2023

AIPSO Condemns Attacks on Democracy in Brazil

THE All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO), in a statement issued on January 9, has condemned the right-wing attempts to destabilise the recently elected government of President Lula in Brazil. The far right-wing supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, who was defeated in the recently concluded presidential elections in Brazil, attempted to occupy the Congress, judiciary and executive buildings in Brazil. They wanted to remove the constitutionally elected government from power and carry out a coup.

The timely intervention of the Lula administration and the people of Brazil foiled these attempts. Since the election of the pro-people Lula as the president, the right-wing forces are refusing to accept people’s mandate and are threatening to destabilise the government, which they have attempted to do now. Their actions are so similar to what had happened on January 6, 2020 in the US, when the supporters of Donald Trump attacked the US Congress. Such attacks on democracy, carried out anywhere in the world have to be condemned.

AIPSO condemns the attack on democracy in Brazil and extends its solidarity with the people of Brazil who are rallying in support of President Lula, who was elected on people’s vote.